3.4: Mulholland v Sunset (Poll Closed)

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Poll posted 7 months ago.

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  • Alex Garcia - 6 months ago

    Oops, it was not lost in translation, anyway, before. Sunset.cannot compete with Mullholland,

  • Alex Garcia - 6 months ago

    Oops, it was not lost in translation, anyway, before. Sunset.cannot compete with Mullholland,

  • Alex Garcia - 6 months ago

    Mulholland is intriguing, absorbing and like a nightmare from where I did not want to wake up, which is mind blowing, I define rely vote for it, the kind of movie you want to see again and again.
    Lost, uhmm, it is h good but depends too much on two songs from the 80s

  • Mariel Mitchell, Martinez, CA - 7 months ago

    I watch the Before trilogy regularly and I just rewatched Mulholland Drive near the end of last year, making this choice a little easier. There is no denying the greatness of Mulholland, but Before Sunset is special. Its sublime subtlety reaches me more each time I watch it. "But The Silencio scene," people groan. True, but I'd rather be with Celine, Jesse, and Nina with a plane that is taking off without us somewhere in the distance.

  • Gustav Arndal (Copenhagen) - 7 months ago

    Do we honor vision, artistry and greatness? Or do we go with our favourites, those which connected with us, and those we wish to champion? Do I value Mulholland Drive's cinematic integrity, its daring and craft over Sunset's personality, charm and romanticism? Do I want to keep an invaluable art-piece from a museum, or the picture book I keep in my drawer? A symphony by a great composer, or a track by my favourite band?

    I've got to make a choice, because the sun is coming down and I have a plane to catch. *sigh* Mulholland Drive it is. But ask me again in 10 minutes, and my mind will probably have changed.

  • Jordan Muschler - 7 months ago

    This might be the hardest out of the match-ups for me. I think both of these movies are masterpieces, and both deserve the world. Yet I think I'm gonna go with Before Sunset. It is a story of love told in the most raw, wonderful way. And if I'm incinerating all the others, a story of love is the thing I want to be left with.

  • David (Chicago) - 7 months ago

    This is a tough choice. Both films (and Adam) think they are way more important than they are, and should never have gotten this far. I can't decide which one more deserves to be eliminated this round, and not next.

  • Byron (San Antonio) - 7 months ago

    I should probably vote for Before Sunset, if only to justify the fact that just last week I spent way too much money on the Criterion Collection Blu Ray of the Before trilogy. However, Mulholland Drive is just too ambitious,

  • Kris Dotson, Louisville - 7 months ago

    You're right. Fired. Just fired. Bye. Looking forward to the Josh Larsen + Michael Phillips iteration.

  • Chris Massa - chris.massa@gmail.com - 7 months ago

    For me, the theme of this round "a movie I love going up against one I need to revisit." And nowhere is that truer than here. Mulholland Drive is fascinating but left me cold; Before Sunset is simple, profound, and true. Maybe a re-watch would change my mind, but for the time being, Before Sunset is the clear winner.

  • Connor - 7 months ago

    Mulholland Drive is an incredible film that is a technical masterpiece from one of the American masters of cinema. It's deep, thoughtful, funny, scary, and overall an incredible achievement in cinema. I voted for Before Sunset. While Lynch might have captured something more technically masterful, I could never live without Before Sunset, it's just that good. Sorry Lynch, but Linklater takes this round easily.

  • Jon Wilker (West Lafayette, Indiana) - 7 months ago

    Mulholland is interesting in that it's creepy, odd, and full of holes. Yet still compelling. Before Sunset is a top tier film with characters and experiences that we see in ourselves. We may never tire of watching our younger selves. Before it is.

    Jon "The Penultimate Pestilence" W.

  • Chad Hill - 7 months ago

    I'm sorry, Lynch, but I can't lose Jesse and Celine again after last year's Madness.

  • Mike H. - 7 months ago

    I'll be honest, I'm just really shocked that Mulholland Drive has made it this far. It's even weirder and more impenetrable than both A Serious Man and Synecdoche combined. Based on some of the other terrible decisions people have been making in this tournament thus far, I guess it's just gotten lucky to not be paired up against any movies about heroes in tights fighting dragons or comic book villains?

    Either way, to see Lynch's penultimate fucked-up-americana-nightmare make it this far is a nice surprise.

    As for this match-up in particlar: If I was voting with my heart, based solely on one film VS the other in a vaccuum, Before Sunset would win. But because I respect the rules of this tournament, we have to accept the fact that the Before trilogy has already been sullied, nullified, shat upon, snuffed. Before Sunrise is already gone........lost to the abyss of time, never to be seen again. In a world without sunrise, I'll take Lynch.

  • Nate Nash - 7 months ago

    I just am coming from a screening of Before Sunset at the Arclight in Chicago and I just don't see how this cannot advance. I love Mulholland Drive but Before Sunset is just that type of film going experience where after while on the CTA you can't help but root for love to find you and if it does, being ready to risk it all in this cynical world.

  • Brendan Bell - 7 months ago

    I saw Mulholland Drive in theaters and have watched it at least once a year every year since. Every viewing is as powerful, unnerving, and mind-bendingly joyful as the first. If it were up to me, It would win the entire tournament.

  • Billy Ray Brewton - 7 months ago

    I can't imagine this isn't the most difficult decision Adam will have EVER had to make in a Filmspotting Madness. I honestly don't know how he makes it. I imagine he will just disappear into the mountains, never to be heard from again. Then - in the distant future - when he's old and grizzled, and after decades of watching nothing but these two films over and over again - he will emerge to proclaim...that he needs more time. Easy decision for me, however - BEFORE SUNSET all the way. No real noble reason - I just prefer it over David Lynch's nihilism. CHILDREN OF MEN for the win!

  • Henrik Tronstad - 7 months ago

    Great and tough mach-up. Re-visited Mulholland recently and it's great but not as great as Sunset. I vote Before sunset and wish for an upset.

  • Erin Teachman (Washington, DC) - 7 months ago

    Hooo, boy this is some kind of agony. As an artist, I think about the Silencio scene all the time. Mulholland Dr was a glorious gateway back into David Lynch for me as an adult as well. But . . . I decided I could live with the wound of life without it last round when I voted for Crouching Tiger. I know it's not a mortal wound because my most beloved David Lynch is all three seasons of Twin Peaks, which you cruel, heartless monsters cannot touch. Before Sunset so accurately captures the complex whirlwind of emotions that happen when you reconnect with an ex that it feels like a profound echo of events in my own life. It's tough enough to contemplate a world without Sunset in it that my mind reels, which seems like the likely result here, but I can't possibly contribute to creating that world, so my vote and my heart goes to Before Sunset.

  • David J Terraso - 7 months ago

    I'm a huge Linklater fan and an even larger Before fan, but Mulholland is my pick to win. In fact, I don't view Mulholland Drive as just the decades best film, but quite possibly the best movie of all time. Watching it again and again feels like having a recurring dream. Lynch, in my opinion, has taken the mantle from Welles, as the industry's most accomplished and daring author.

  • Jon Turner - 7 months ago

    If you remember my letter, then you know how much I adore The Before Trilogy from my experience rewatching these and sharing them with my girlfriend back in September, and I would absolutely LOVE to see Before Sunset somehow pull through and win this whole thing... however, I just cast my vote for Mulholland Dr. What can I say? I ranked it my #2 of the 2000s behind only Requiem for a Dream (which I know in my heart that I would downgrade if I ever managed to actually watch again)... really wish these two could’ve made it to the finals!

  • Adam Grossman, Vancouver, B.C. - 7 months ago

    Get on that plane, Mulholland Drive... because Jesse isn't!!

  • Devon "Jolly Jackboot" Wambold (LIC, NY) - 7 months ago

    Can we get a live cam on Adam toiling over this match-up like they do with the pregnant pandas at the zoo?

  • Alex from Tacoma, WA - 7 months ago

    Oh man, why you doing this to me man? Why can't we have good things? A lovely dream of a film vs. a labriynthin nightmare? I will probably go against what the majority will vote for but my heart lies with before sunset.

  • Tim Oliver - 7 months ago

    This matchup may just finish Adam off.

  • Amanda King - 7 months ago

    This match-up basically gets to the core of who I am as a person. After deep introspection, I'm choosing love (but sending Filmspotting my therapy bills).

  • Griffin Armour - 7 months ago

    Before Sunset just might be the most charming movie of all time (besides Before Sunrise). Just like Jesse says in the film film, it's the poetry of everyday life, it's magic. Sunset is the falling back down to earth of Sunrise, and it's just as beautiful. Now that we know these characters we get to see how they've changed and what they truly care about, all as they float around the awkward subject of happily ever after not occurring.

    Mulholland Drive is a technical masterpiece and a mystery that is a joy to unpack or just sit in, but it doesn't hold a candle to Jesse and Celine. If we're comparing best moments, few moments in cinema history compare to Jesse choosing to miss his plane. I wouldn't want to live in a world without this trilogy and we have the chance to save the best one.

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