Are you planning to halt your business with others calling for a shutdown April 12?


  • Miguel F - 5 years ago

    If you don’t sacrifice anything in life you will never change anything. Stick together and we can make it happen

  • Tim Lill - 5 years ago

    After every thing blew up last month I cant shut down for long .but company and owner ops can roll slow all month long. Every time we hit a city roll 45mph .can you see Chicago like this all day every day for a month?.

  • Lynn - 5 years ago

    Mr Graham, if everyone had the same attitude as you you’d be correct in thinking not enough drivers will shut down. Thankfully though, many people in the industry are thinking otherwise. If you think your older engine won’t fall victim to ELD, think again, you’re only fooling yourself. Instead of being bullheaded about it, how about you join the fight.

    As for company drivers, there’s enough time left to take planned home time. Or, cough cough, sick

  • Lady Doe - 5 years ago

    Going in , we got to do this drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Evans - 5 years ago

    I would shut down if I didn’t work for a company but, since I’m not an O/O, I risk losing my job and with a wife and 5 kids I can’t stand to lose my job.

  • Robert Soto - 5 years ago

    Mr. Graham. They maybe don’t know the language. But in 5 years they own a fleet of trucks instead of being 37+ years behind the steering wheel.

  • hal graham - 5 years ago

    what the hell are you shutting down for ? drivers never stuck together when the drivers were Americans now there are a bunch of ass clowns in trucks from Russia and uflockitsan of bf countries ,cant talk english ,not sure how you get a licence if you cant read. anyways you want to shut down over hours of service or what ? you should have shut down back when you let elogs come into effect . nothing changed for me i still do what i want i have an old engine truck ,if you want one i will sell you one . you wont get enough guys to shut down to mean anything everybody is locked into a bunch of payments ,well almost everybody i dont have a truck payment and havent had one for 37 years

  • Steve Johnson - 5 years ago

    If trucking companies and drivers dont stick together then we cant bitch about the way it has become

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