Are you concerned by Winnipeg's spike in gun violence?

  • John Davidson - 1 year ago

    It is just the trash taking care of the trash!! The only reason this is even an issue is the Tards in Ottawa trying to stir up the public for support in its proposed hand gun ban.
    Legal gun owners aren't the ones shooting the druggies.Sadly legal hand gun owners names are run through the police computers every day, looking for any reason to revoke their permit. The scum of the earth on the other hand are out there,wandering around. This goes for robbers, drug dealers,child molesters etc.
    What a screwed up system.

  • Dan P - 1 year ago

    Winnipeg doesn’t have a gun problem. Winnipeg has a drug problem. The only people getting shot are drug dealers. Guns are actually part of the solution.

  • Plato - 1 year ago

    GUN VIOLENCE HAS TO DO WITH IDIOTS WHO USE AND SELL DRUGS OR SOMEONE DID SOMEONES GIRL WHILE HE WAS OUT OF TOWN, ALL street PUNISHABLE CRIMES, so to say there is fear is ridiculous, I am more fearful of TRUDEAU GETTING RE- ELECTED AND KEEPING STUPID LIBERAL LAWS ON THE BOOKS THAT LET CRIMINALS OUT ON EARLY RELEASE....its time to end TRUDEAU...VOTE CONSERVATIVE and lets change those laws and lock them up for longer periods..rehabilitation is a joke...I still don't want the asshole living next to me because some twisted psychiatrist thinks he has been reformed...

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