Which team should be most motivated to sign Craig Kimbrel?

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Posted 4 months.


  • Gary Maddox - 3 months ago

    Fart stain in 6th
    Fat butt in 7th
    Milky shart in 8th
    Kimbrel to close
    World Series guaranteed.

  • Sean McElhiney - 3 months ago

    I vote Red Sox, but he made me nervous every time they brought him into a game in the second half of the season in 2018. We won't sign him though. Not worth the price.

  • Rick rock - 3 months ago

    Kelly in the seventh
    Kimbrell in the eighth
    Jansen in the ninth
    World Series champs 2019

  • Bob butterman - 3 months ago

    Kimbrel has a unique trait to intimidate batters. He farts in the direction of the batters box.

  • Jack Matshall - 3 months ago

    "Lack of a proven closer" is not the issue. The Red Sox need an effective closer, and they have good reason to believe that Brasier or Barnes can do the job without forcing the team to pay out cash they will need to sign Sale, J.D. Bogarts,etc. Kimbrel was shaky lousy season, has had his two worst years in the last three, and stunk on ice in the play-offs. He's not worth "pluriging" on.

  • Dennis Little - 3 months ago

    Kimbrel has seen his best days and should not be given more than a two year contract!

  • Andthenisaid - 3 months ago

    Where are the Royals? Or Marlins?

  • Drew Brown - 3 months ago

    The Red Sox have a great chance of repeating as WS champs and will regret it if the lack of a proven closer is what stops them, especially when the opportunity to re-sign Kimbrel is right there and they choose to be frugal. With all the stupid money that they've flushed away on the past signings of Sandoval, Ramirez, Rusney Castillo etc. Except for the last 3 months of season last year, Kimbrel has been automatic. It will be a shame to blow up the chance of repeating as champs, just to save a few bucks. Bullpens are critical to the success of a team and now is not the time to save some money . The Sox don't even have a lights out set up man , let alone a closer. The Yankees definitely get how important a bullpen is and Red Sox hierarchy knows that. Dave Dombroski do the right thing for the players on your team, trying to repeat and make history. The fans love this team. Dombroski, John Henry, Tom Werner and Sam Kennedy, do the right thing and try to get Craig Kimbrel back here where he belongs, right here defending a World Series title with all his teammates. At least sit down with him and try to work something out. If he won't budge on what he's asking for, then at least you tried. Doesn't he at least deserve this opportunity to talk? He gave the Sox 3; great seasons and a World Championship. Get it done and get him back here!!!

  • GodluvstheNats - 3 months ago


  • Todd Homel - 3 months ago

    wow, you can sure tell people don’t read much!

  • Kenny McBride - 3 months ago

    Braves need him bad for a lot of reasons. The only one that will get through to the higher ups though is if they really consider how many tickets their going to sell having a homegrown future Hall of Famer on the team.

  • Marlins - 3 months ago

    Why poll dont Marlins??????

  • brenton - 3 months ago

    Dodgers need another reliever bad. They have the budget. Give him what he wants but front load the contract. Freidman, do something. If you don’t we might not even make the World Series this year, let alone win it.

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