How would you grade the White Sox' offseason?


  • William - 4 years ago

    I've been a WSox fan for over 50 years. At least Wilbur Wood, Oscar Gamble and other old characters were fun. This team is dead and dull and done. The clowns running the team should keep their pie holes shut.

  • ISUSOX - 4 years ago

    The inability to sign a premiere free agent will always hold back the Sox. No one wanted Manny, and we let a team up and steal him because we weren’t to go to the finish like with an extra $50M. I’m a lifelong fan and they got exactly what they deserved this offseason!

  • richard andrzejewski - 4 years ago

    Every time I see or hear William or Hahn speaker, i hear and visualize big top music, and invision the small
    car and see all the clowns getting out of the car.

    The worst organization in sport , although they spew the propaganda as if they are this juggernaught
    that is in contention every year for a championship. ARROGANT AND POMPOUS are Hahn AND Williams
    comport themselves As if they were the Yanks .
    Jim Hendry was lambasted by the media in Chicago and did are far superior job.
    The White Sox are treated with kid gloves by the media ...That's truly a shame

  • Jeff Todd & Steve Adams - 4 years ago

    Hello everybody, who wants to come over and "party" with the two of us? If you know what I mean. Wink wink boys.

  • Chicken sandwich - 4 years ago

    I like to rub cantaloupe all over my stinky armpits.

  • xabial - 4 years ago

    I hate everybody. This is the real xabial, not the other one that said those bad things.

  • Bob butterman - 4 years ago

    I just farted in my cheap itchy wal-Mart underwear. It caused a hole in butt seat of underpants and now my farts stink more.

  • xabial - 4 years ago

    Hey guys, it's xabial! I am so gay for all of the men that reply to me on MLB Trade Rumors! I am a college student but want to grow up and learn to lick urethras when I'm older! Hey, I hope the Yankees still get Bryce Harper! He's so sexy to me.

  • Tim Dierkes - 4 years ago

    Honestly, if you're a Republican, get the FUCK off of our site! I wish death and pain upon every Republican and their families. #BIDEN2020 #KAMALA2020 #OPRAH2020 #BETO2020 #MICHELLE2020 #WARREN2020 #BERNIE2020 #OCASIO2020

  • James Allen - 4 years ago

    Hear we go again same old same old I have been a fan of white stinky sox since 1967 same philosophy then as now suck suck and wait till next year and suck more

  • Steve Adams - 4 years ago

    I suck so much wee-wee that it's not even crazy. If there are any sexy boys in the Twin Cities, check me out on Twitter! We can talk "baseball"... or you basing my balls in your mouth!

  • robert h - 4 years ago

    Machado is a 300,000,000 death sentence as soon as he gets his cash he will do nothing . He wont even run out a ground ball. he is as lazy as it gets. kind of makes you sick

  • AJ - 4 years ago

    I’ve been a White Sox fan for over 50 years and I’m very close to giving up. I really don’t like Machado but the fact that Hahn allowed SD to outbid him says everything. The Sox haven’t had a competent 3B since Crede and filling that black hole for at least 5-6 years with an excellent player was the perfect storm. No big spending teams competing for him. But.....let’s let SD swoop in and take him away.
    When reinsforf bought the team it was because Bill Veeck couldn’t afford to pay premium players. It’s time for reinsdorf to sell because he WONT pay the premium players.

  • Jeff Todd - 4 years ago

    This is, as some might say, the end of an era. I honestly don't know how to take this news.

  • Tim Dierkes - 4 years ago

    Hey guys, we're closing down MLBTR at the end of April. There are too many Trump supporters in the comments, and we're tired of this shit. Get over it! Ocasio-Sanders will take over in 2020 anyway. FUCK ALL RACISTS!

  • Donald sears - 4 years ago

    As long as the dynamic duo of Williams and Hahn are in charge no top free agent will come to the White Sox primarily because they won't pay the money

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