What would you like to see more of in FrogPlay?


  • dayyan frog play - 3 years ago

    why not a skin from i dont know roblox fortnite or other games

  • ????Ayesha???? - 3 years ago

    It would be really cool if there was more avatars, login rewards and quizzes because before 2018 it was really intense and the frog staff were on more often. Now frog isn't so detailed. So...it would be really cool if you responded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????

  • indiana dickson - 3 years ago

    more girl hair
    more girl clothes
    more avatars that are cool

  • seana - 3 years ago

    can you add more hair please because i feel like there are not many girls hair options

  • wiltshirets21 - 4 years ago

    I enjoy looking for codes, but, the thing is , I think you get hardly any codes. 5 one day, none for the rest of the week! I mean, please may you consider doing more codes, please. I also LOVE the craziness of the codes!

  • Joolyun - 4 years ago

    can u guys make a maths manipulative avatar pls?

  • Fibonacci - 4 years ago

    Northernlion avatar!!!!!!!!!1

  • ETHAN - 4 years ago

    can u guys made a devil may cry avatars pls?

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