How Would You Grade The Rays' Offseason?


  • George Vasios - 4 years ago

    Magnificent... I wish I could give them an + A!

  • william adkins - 4 years ago

    You need to ask the real question here > when is the owner going to put up some real cash and put a contender on the field, you only need to look at the league payroll per team to see what the orioles will do or for that matter where they will be in the standing same as every year at the bottom. you get what you pay for and the owner isn't willing to pay to put a winner on the diamond. When the city gets a new owner or he puts up some cash like the top team in the league do the orioles will away be at the bottom. Just look at the payroll per team and you will see year after year the orioles have been at the very bottom and the teams putting up cash are at the very top....old time orioles fan that seen a lot of winning in years past Shame the owner will not put a winner back in Baltimore...

  • Bruce - 4 years ago

    I think they did okay. I liked the Zunino trade a lot and signing Morton was great but they should've signed Nelson Cruz too. That would've really solidified the line-up.

  • Chicken Cesar - 4 years ago

    Tampa rays should be banned from baseball. What in tarnation is an opener? Except for snell and Morton their entire pitching staff is composed of pansies, wimps and low energy dip sticks. The stadium food is an embarrassment. Slime in the ice machine is encouraged by management. Hog dog meat is disgusting. The ballpark smells like dirty asparagus.

  • Dick shitzerman - 4 years ago

    I have been a Tampa rays fan since they were founded in the 40’s, the ballpark as many people know was in the wharehouse district next to Sears. I would sniff glue by the gas station near there and then buy a ticket for 50 cents. My favorite player was Rowland Office.

  • SEAn Hannity - 4 years ago

    The lemon snow cone sometimes referred to the urine pea cone was invented by Herbert fudge in 1955.

  • Bill o reilly - 4 years ago

    Evan Longoria just signed with Braves you stinking fat polecat.

  • Roger ails - 4 years ago

    With the emergence of Evan Longoria holy schnitzels watch out for the Rays.

  • Bob butterman - 4 years ago

    I ate a hot dog at the trop last year and I pooped very badly in my shorts. I took the matter up with ballpark officials but I was treated very unfairly.

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