Have you suspected or experienced fraud when buying fish in Mexico?

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Posted 3 months.


  • Joseph Procida - 3 months ago

    In Ensenada , Threhser shark is sold as sword fish . It is very easy to tell the difference ; but most people don't know the difference . They have given me white fillets that smelled strongly of ammonia,and had to be thrown out .
    Now , unless I can smell the fish first , I don't buy it .
    However , in the municipal market of Mazatlan , I found the fish mongers to be honest , but you should always shop prices with several vendors .

  • Antonio - 3 months ago

    A fish vendor at the Mercado de Negro in Ensenada sold myself & also a friend plastic bags of "fish guts!" I've had long term vendors point to a specific cut of fish telling me bald faced lies that it's halibut, when I'm beyond certain it is anything except halibut! I've even been sold unedible trash fish that my cat wouldn't eat!

  • Dorothy Maloney - 3 months ago

    I refuse to eat Tilapia or Basso. I am frequently told by restaurants that it is Sea Bass or Red Snapper and not either of the garbage fishes. When in actuality I am served Tilapia or Basdo. I refuse to eat or pay for it.

  • Megan - 3 months ago

    Farm salmon has more white on it than wild salmon. Never buy farm fish. The fish can be have some type of disease.
    I always ask it the fish comes from a farm, most of the time they will say yes. I try an avoid eating fish or seafood, especially in a

  • Fish Monger - 3 months ago

    Anyone who says they haven’t been ripped off buying fish in Mexico either doesn’t buy fish or is ignorant and just doesn’t know better...

  • R Bunyan - 3 months ago

    The scallops I bought at the fish market were actually skate wings.

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