Would you take another free Windows 10 upgrade offer?

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Poll posted 7 months ago.


  • Walter Johnson - 6 months ago

    I actively dislike Windows 10, which I have to support because it is on my wife's laptop. Microsoft changed too much of the user interface too fast, and beside I thought I was buying software, not renting it. I would prefer to pay a monthly fee to changing my OS. I did download the Windows 10 Update when it was available free, but I did not get around to installing it since I would have needed to install the retail Windows 7 I bought first to replace the Enterprise edition on the computer and that is a lot of time. Also every single time Windows changes dramatically I consider replacing it with the open source Linux. The only use is an operating system is constancy, and Windows 10 is a discontinuity.

  • Bradley Keller - 6 months ago

    Windows 10 is not a feasible upgrade from Windows 7. It a major downgrade. Compared a fresh install of Windows 7 to Windows 10. Windows 7 doesn't push bloatware down from the cloud and I don't have to toggle off bunch of useless features in the half done settings app. None of the in house applications in 10 are completed, productive, or have the same amount of features.

  • Leo - 6 months ago

    I don't want Windows 10 due to its creepy behavior. Windows 7 forever!

  • Dude - 6 months ago

    Windows 10 is ugly as sin. Quit with the blocky tile crap and make a separate OS for desktop and a separate one for tablets if you have to.

  • Jason Chewn - 6 months ago

    All my scsi scanners are on my W7 machine. There is too much risks for driver compatibility and legacy applications support.

  • Sam Croft - 6 months ago


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