Do you have health insurance?
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  • Carol* Rachel Shore - 14 years ago

    I am an incorporated solo practitioner and my corporation purchases my health insurance. I have a low monthly premium(~$175.) and a high deductible($3000.) combined with an HSA(Health Savings Account). The HSA is funded with pre-tax dollars and rolls over. It can be used for approved health care expenses at any time and after age 65, any monies that remain can be withdrawn without penalty(still taxable though if not for medical expenses) for any other use at my tax rate at the time. For the healthy, I think that it is a good plan. Unfortunately, when I had an accident in February, I had had this plan for less than 2 years and therefore had not accumulated a great sum. But most of my care has been alternative and I have had these funds(although almost gone) to use.

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