Daily Poll: Do you support Vancouver's new ride-hailing service Kater?

  • Terry - 1 year ago

    If kater was a successful model , much smarter and sophisticated companies including Uber implemented this model. I simply do not trust the company’s business model, incorrect information they provide on their services and licenses as well as people who are in charge. The marketing director does not even know what the hell she talks about and perhaps all is a blonde woman with tolerable face to advertise for diversity. Let’s hope this company also does not go down with law suites because of sextual harassment claims and mistakes by CEO and rest of guys in charge ... like past.

  • Scott - 1 year ago

    Another lie and trick by NDP government to distract people from brining actual ride sharing service . Kater is another urthecast , a company build upon mountain OF lies and fake promises, while the reality is held back. Obviously the marketing director does not know what she is talking about and what ride-sharing and mobility as a service is. Just lies .

  • Peter london - 1 year ago

    More "taxis" is not the solution- taxis were & are the problem - let's get with the rest of the ride share world - to the NDP don't delay just to save the IndoCanadian vote !

  • Dev - 1 year ago

    I like uber service please allow Uber to come in BC

  • Dev - 1 year ago

    I like Uber

  • Ash - 1 year ago

    Seems like an other family business ( corrie Larson. And Scott Larson , are they husband and wife ? ). Sounds like a Couple taxi business lucrative cars but more expensive and an app.

  • Fayaz Manji - 2 years ago

    I would be supportive of Kater, but this question poser yes or no, it's far too simple, so I say no. Reason being this is not ridesharing, this is just a higher quality taxi app, with no amendments to the regulations necessary to bring in ride-sharing, Gig economy jobs, and rules to bring Vancouver in line with every other city, this is politics, more of what we don't need

  • Bowser - 2 years ago

    Who you trying to fool mario? Probally works for Kater. Why would ppl want another taxi service when the people want uber. What's next a poster name luigi saying kater gonna start a program where a driver drives your own car? Wait you already did that. How did that turn out? Newsflash, why dont you copy uber instead of the outdated taxi service.

  • Mario - 2 years ago

    I am excited to see Vancouver roll out with its OWN ride-share program. Having a BC made solution makes me proud. With a little research you will see BC is not the only province/state/city to adapt this.

  • Brandy Nikole Parlett - 2 years ago

    British Columbians have had just about enough of Kater taking us for idiots. Kater is not a ride share I could spend all day counting the reasons why. By the way kater means cat or hangover. BC needs to take the cat out of the bag because the BC public is suffering from a taxi hangover.

  • Ned - 2 years ago

    The current taxi system sucks. Even rides booked electronically 18 hours in advance are 20 minute late. I use a combination of ride share cars and express bus these days. Taxi has lost me.

  • Derek - 2 years ago

    It’s great that the taxi service is finally waking up that they need to provide better service. As long as they can compete side by side with Uber and Lyft in the end, everyone wins. However, if the government makes it hard for Uber and Lyft to conform with regulations that protect the taxi industry, the people of B.C. should revolt. Just trying Uber once in every other place on earth that has it, you will realize how stupid B.C. is for not moving on ride sharing 5 years ago.

  • Amanda - 2 years ago

    So this is great for Vancouver (if this model actually works - doubtful) but what about the other 90% of BC that still doesn't have ridesharing services....

  • Ni - 2 years ago

    Follow the money. It has nothing to do with bringing ride share to BC. It's nothing but corruption.

  • Rwl - 2 years ago

    Ridiculous. Unsustainable business model. They will likely jack up fares once operational. There will be lots of times when no cars available in the area.

  • Terry Wright - 2 years ago

    This is a repayment to the taxi industry for the money they used to support the NDP. Nothing more. Surely we can advance to where the rest of the world was a few years ago!.

  • Md - 2 years ago

    I agree with the other comment. There are other ride share programs existing that are successful and work. This is just a bridge to appease the various lobby groups. Eventually the gates will open. Hopefully some Canadian will have a great idea and create a Canadian made alternative that actually competes with the likes of Uber and Lyft, until then let the market decide.

  • Db - 2 years ago

    Not interested in supporting a rideshare that really is just a taxi in disguise. Let Uber another ride shares come to Vancouver uninhibited like every other major city in the world grow up Vancouver

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