Who has the most heat with Mia?


  • Saundra - 5 years ago

    Both brothers need to leave Mia alone! She is not good for their family!

  • Sharon Jesse - 5 years ago

    I don't understand why this is even a question since they just fired Arturo's character. I don't like Mia or Rey and would prefer to have seen them go as to Arturo. Abby never ever works on her relationships. She just expects everything to be happy go lucky and peaches and cream. She never works through the rough times. I am of the opinion unless that girl grows up she doesn't need a man.

  • Terri - 5 years ago

    Mia is one of those characters that causes problems with everyone shecomes in contact with somewhere down the line! Rey should of never let her out of his sight at the hospital and there was NO reason she couldn't of gone with him when he went for testing! Abby has had such BAD luck w/men it makes me sick that just when we FINALLY think she has a guy that is truly dedicated to her he had to do something that destroys it! Part of me says that he should just deny deny & deny when Mia tells Abby that she slept with him because we ALL KNOW she WILL! I just WISH someonewould bump into her standing on a busy street & a bus or car would drive her STRAIGHT TO HELL!!

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