How Would You Grade The Giants' Offseason?
Total Votes: 4,262

  • Bob butterman - 3 years ago

    I just took a match to my amazing gasified fart. I blew a hole through my smoke stack.

  • Miles Branstrom - 3 years ago

    I agree with Paul R , the minors has been stocked with rejects and no offense on the top level,its going to be along season

  • PK - 3 years ago

    I give the Gaints an A since all those bad contact's are weighing down a once great franchise. The GM built plenty of back up players to throw against the wall so some will stick and some are just stinking p... Depth is the new name of the game in baseball and this GM did a great job with what he had. Playoffs NO. Will they be fun to watch, yes!!! Go Dodgers!!!!!!

  • Paul Giannotta - 3 years ago

    They SINK! Can't hit Can't score runs! Long Season!

  • Paul R - 3 years ago

    Farhan has made a bunch of meaningless moves for backup catchers, mop up relievers, and cast off outfielders, Where is improvement he promised all off season?

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