Did you learn about happy slaves in school?


  • Sister Lola - 5 years ago

    I went to school from 1967 to 1980, and they pushed that line of thinking with me and my classmates. My people made sure I knew better.

    Love your shows!

  • Iman - 5 years ago

    I think this is where the power of having black teachers or at least white teachers who actually care about the truth comes into play. And I see I must have been very fortunate to have never been taught this wacked out version of history. Plus the added bonus of having woke parents who taught us history and talked about history often with us. In high school my AP history teacher would get into heated arguments with the regular history teacher all the time about the civil war. They were both white, but my AP History teacher would get red in the face telling the other teacher that slavery was a major part of the war, then yelled at him saying "You're a history teacher Brian!". But I did feel sorry for the kids in that dudes class.

  • LaLa_Jen_ - 5 years ago

    Hey Rod and Karen - love everything about you guys. I'm a new listener and have quickly become obsessed. I just wanted to say I'm often surprised about how much I learned about Black history in grade school. My elementary did a lot to celebrate Black history and the history of minorities in general. We learned the terrors of slavery and celebrated the achievements of Black folk in America. During Black history month we had a big production where kids picked a Black historical figure and spoke about them during the school assembly and later that night during the school's Black History Fair. This was such a big deal and some kids even won trophies. I also know the words to Lift Every Voice and Sing because we sang it at every assembly. It’s crazy to me that I was able to learn about slavery and the richness of Black culture in White ass San Diego but other kids are taught about happy slaves?! Maybe it’s because I went to a majority black school? Looking back I'm just thankful for this exposure.

    PS I won 2nd place for Rosa Parks. A year later in 2nd grade I won 1st Place for my monologue on Harriet Tubman: breaker of chains, all around bad Bish, first of her name!! LOL yes this is my only claim to fame. Love you guys!!

  • Korey Brown - 5 years ago

    I went to white grade schools, and, almost exclusively, had white teachers until I went to FAMU for undergrad. I had MULTIPLE white teachers TRY to tell me and my classmates that mess. But, my parents unapologetically instilled in me a deep desire to learn more about the struggles and accomplishments of black folk. So, I was able to check a teacher or three when they tried to come with that mess.

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