Should Ken Hitchcock get another year to coach the Edmonton Oilers?

  • Mark - 1 year ago

    We dont need to keep switching coaches we have gone through to many already let the players and coaching staff grow together. How are we suppost to get better when you keep switching and then have to start all over again and again.

  • Cam - 1 year ago

    Anyone who thinks running ANOTHER coach through this team is a good idea is delusional. How many coaches in how many years now? Ever notice how when they play "Hitch's way", whether he acknowledes it or the players do, they're either winning or playing very close, competitive games. But if all the players can't follow instructions, ie. defense and forechecking before dumps and dangles, it's impossible to play as a cohesive team which leads to breakdowns, blown coverage and bad goals, which they have plenty of. Hitch's system works for unskilled teams because it forces them to play as a team and support the puck. Keep Hitch, but the players need to learn to be coached and work hard (remember Ferences' comments about being lazy in practice and partying too hard?).

  • Sherry Dakota - 1 year ago

    He's brought them a long way, now they just need an outstanding goalie, the caliber of cam Talbot a couple of years ago.

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