Who do you ship? (Poll Closed)

  • Marrish (Teen Wolf)
    5,500 votes

  • Stydia (Teen Wolf)
    165 votes


Poll posted 7 months ago.

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  • the stig - 6 months ago


    stydia must be a tiny ship compared to marrish


  • Hellhounds and Banshees - 6 months ago


    Your ship was canon for like 5 minutes. Dylan O'Brien hated the ship. Why do you think he insisted there be no stydia in the finale, when he returned. Sterek and Jydia got more screen time.

  • trolling since chernobyl - 6 months ago

    stydiots still exist in 2019?

  • Marrish5ever - 6 months ago


    you obviously haven't had time to truly appreciate the wonder that is marrish
    enjoy the goodness on my site.

  • Kate Byrne - 6 months ago


    Lydia was stated to be 18. So, you guys can drop the pedophilia crap.
    Why don't you do something more constructive.
    Like stamp your little feet.

    Marrish had so much more chemistry than stydiot. And Stiles had so much more chemistry with Derek.

  • Jen Barnes - 6 months ago


    Oh honey, we can't help it if your ship sucks.

    And no one wants to be allies with your ship.

    Or that stydia was barely acknowledged in the finale, and Lydia seemed happier to see Jackson.

  • stephanie - 6 months ago

    Anti shippers antivoting. No one actually likes pedophilia lmfao. This wasn't fair and square.

  • Kate Byrne - 6 months ago

    the evil is defeated

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