Will the federal carbon tax change your driving behaviour?

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  • Gordon williamson - 1 year ago

    It will have little impact in my driving ,will impact other areas , eating out , donations , entertainment, and life goes on !

  • Terry - 1 year ago

    Maybe the plants are farming us...… Maybe the plants and trees want us to put more carbon in the air, ever think of that?

    These Liberals always just think about themselves. Think about the trees, the trees need carbon!!!

  • Kenn Kennedy - 1 year ago

    WHAT the government never told you is that carbon dioxide is an essential element, trees absorb our exhaled breath and release oxygen so we can breath, if they cut out fossil fuels you need wood to burn for heating...if you chop all the trees down humanity dies.....LIBERALS are really that stupid Look, part of the almighty creation has life in symbiosis, tress take in our carbon dioxide and release oxygen so we can breath, each breath you take keeps your spirit alive...don't believe it, just stop breathing and see what happens. Without that breath of fresh air we are just a material body, that body decays after death. Trees in turn receive water as rain, rain is a result of the oceans evaporation, climate determines when that rain will fall, climate change is a natural event before man even had inventions the weather was brutal...it comes and it goes with each passing generation or decade....you people who support TRUDEAU and his candy ass ideas really need to get an education and get out of moms basement and off the cell phone if you hope to have a good life.

  • Doug C. - 1 year ago

    The problem is a huge number of people no nothing about anything. They hear CARBON and think black soot and "That's bad", they don't understand that the earth has had way more carbon in the atmosphere before in history and life thrived (Dinosaurs, huge plants etc. etc.). This is nothing but a TAX plain and simple. Global Warming fizzled after the facts got in the way, but Climate Change is perfect for the scheming scum bags. The climate is always changing and always will, with or without people. The problem is too many people know every stat in hockey and ZERO when it comes to real issues. Go Jets Go.........and tax the shit out of me for nothing.

  • John Davidson - 1 year ago

    It is just another tax. If you believe it will solve the "climate change" myth, then I will sell you a bridge.
    Trudeau and his 40 Thieves want us to believe what they tell us is good for us!! Bull shit folks.
    They are liars, thieves,traitors and criminals. A fine pack to rule what was a great country.
    If you look at photos of Bob Nault and Goodale you can see Trudeaus ass prints.

  • Wayne Basso - 1 year ago

    Funny how the government and media portray it as a price on carbon or carbon pollution, when it is a tax on carbon dioxide, a gas vital for life. Dropping the oxygen molecules doesn't somehow make it more dangerous. The unfortunate thing is the number of people who are falling for this scam. It seems the U.N. and the Liberals have found a way to tax people for the air they breathe.

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