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  • J - 2 weeks ago


  • armita - 2 weeks ago

    where are the international fans of billie eilish guys? dont forget that billie is singer for only 3 years so i think she has to win . please vote billie eilish the cutest person in the earth . if u are 1 percent avocodo u have to vote her ???????? thank u avocados????????❤️

  • success - 3 weeks ago

    Let us actively vote for jennie, the vote dropped too strong to 21 days to expire , please.

  • lynk3016 - 3 weeks ago


  • lynk3016 - 3 weeks ago

    My Jennie is totally worth it, so please stop looking down on her!

  • lynk3016 - 3 weeks ago


  • lynk3016 - 3 weeks ago

    Kim Jennie I LOVE YOU????????????

  • Hou van bil ♡ - 3 weeks ago

    Billie verdient dit !! We is super gettalenteerd en haar liedjes zijk super !!!♡♡♡

  • Ms.galaxy - 6 weeks ago

    Kris Wu my love ,Mr galaxy

  • Ms.galaxy - 6 weeks ago

    Krissssssssss Wu ????

  • Myfyrio - 6 weeks ago

    Kris Wu

  • Myfyrio - 6 weeks ago

    Kris Wu????

  • Kadane - 6 weeks ago

    Who is jennie. Not trying to be mean but its the first im hearing about her

  • J - 6 weeks ago


  • I Voted Billie - 1 month ago

    Question: How is Jennie new? Lauren is also not new. Jennie was from about 2012 that I know of. Lauren was from 2015 I think. ???? ????
    I’d love it if this poll was fixed so that this poll is actually showing artist noobs(new person to something, in this case, artists/musical industry stuff).

  • J - 1 month ago

    stay mad h0es, jennie ftw.

  • blink - 1 month ago

    If you are a korean, it is ok to vote Jennie.
    However, if you are a non-korean blink, I don't think it is a good idea to vote Jennie.
    She gets more resource than other members and gets more support
    from her company only because she is a korean.
    Is she really more talented and beautiful than lisa, rose? I don't agree that.
    If Jennie win this poll, she will get more resource later.

  • Jennie Kim - 1 month ago


  • Jennie Kim - 1 month ago

    Hãy dừng lại việc nói Jennie k xứng đáng nếu bạn không biết gì về cô ấy

  • Jennie Kim - 1 month ago


  • Jennie Kim - 1 month ago

    I love u Jennie

  • success - 1 month ago

    Everyone tried to vote for JENNIE for another month. EILISH's fans are strong but not kidding

  • jun - 1 month ago

    where BLINK
    stream vote for JENNIE

  • jennierubyjane - 1 month ago


  • success - 1 month ago


  • success - 1 month ago


  • success - 1 month ago


  • jun - 1 month ago


  • success - 1 month ago

    everyone votes for JENNIE KIM

  • I think this a fake poll tbh lol but anyway i’m A blink and I love Jennie ❤️ And also Billie ❤️ Y’all be mature now and don’t hate on both of the singer and ofc our Jennie rapper but IT NOT THERE FAULT THEY HAVE SUCH RUDE FANS , SOME IMMATURE IDIOT ! DONT HATE ON THEM ....y’all retard that say “ Jennie trash “ or “ Billie trash “ get y’all ugly ass out of here ! And come back being a good fan and a better rode Model ! , not some sick as toxic ass basters ! , don’t even bother calling yourself a fan if you can’t respect their fav idols instead of taking y’all anger on them , they don’t deserve them ! Grow the fuck up ! ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  • LinhLungVietNam - 1 month ago

    Fuck Knet stupid. I love Blackpink, Jennie is the best.

  • JENNIE ❤️❤️ - 1 month ago

    I love Jennie very good singer and rapper but y’all could vote whoever y’all like ❤️???? but if y’all mf decided to talk trash about Jennie or other groups then Y’ALL ARE THE MOST STUPID , DUMB RETARDED ASS ROACHES , VOTE AND MOVE UP IDIOT!!!!!!! STUPID MF GET A LIFE!!!!!!???? , PINCHE ESTUPIDOS ????????‍♀️

  • Welcome to the Fake Polls - 1 month ago

    You can vote for all artistes competing for same cat.

  • Maganda ako - 1 month ago

    WHO THE FUCK IN THIS WORLD IS JENNIE !? I don’t even know her.

  • Oof - 1 month ago

    Why is Jennie in there and not the other band members? YG treats members unfairly. Jennie puts in the least effort, but she still gets most privileges. FUCK YG ENTERTAINMENT

  • cris - 1 month ago

    thank u for vote her. :)

  • Liliana - 1 month ago

    At first I didn't know they meant Jennie as in Kim Jennie from BlankPink. I'm so glad I could take my vote back and vote for her????????????????

  • Aiko - 1 month ago

    Kris Wu????♥️♥️♥️????????????????????????

  • Jennie is my Queen - 2 months ago

    Blinks omg i cant belive Jennie made it and vote for Blackpink for the groups they are currently 3rd before BTS and 1D

  • Aigerim - 2 months ago

    KRIS WU ???? KRIS WU ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • love u so much - 2 months ago

    guys i always votes jennie, best group and biggestfanarmy to. :) I Love them all.

  • User6 - 2 months ago

    I'm voting for Kris Wu ????????????

  • J - 2 months ago

    @Ot4BLINK4ever why are you assuming things? what if it's not only j stans who vote her? what if it's not those "ot4" blinks out there who diligently vote j but the people who aren't even blinks but only like/a fan of j? just stop generalizing. i'm a j stan and i vote bp. so don't act like you know the truth and shading us j stans. just vote. don't start fanwar. ????

  • Camren - 2 months ago

    Everyone is voting for Jennie or Billie. I'm voting for my girl Lauren

  • Ot4BLINK4ever - 2 months ago

    BLINKS why dont you vote for BLACKPINK for best group????!?
    Instead, you blinks who biases Jennie are here voting for HER

  • Aigerim - 2 months ago

    Kris Wu✌️

  • Aigerim - 2 months ago

    KRIS WU????????????

  • Lin mhd - 2 months ago

    Kris WU

  • Lin mhd - 2 months ago

    Kris WU

  • Lin mhd - 2 months ago

    Kris WU

  • Lin mhd - 2 months ago

    Kris wu

  • Lin mhd - 2 months ago

    Kris wu

  • Lin mhd - 2 months ago

    Kris wu

  • I love kris wu - 2 months ago

    Pls vote our galaxy huhu he really deserve the title he's very talented ????

  • Kris wu - Wu yi fan - 2 months ago

    c'mon vote KRIS WU, he's the best singer rapper, n so talented too. KRIS WU KRIS WU!

  • Kris wu - Wu yi fan - 2 months ago

    KRIS WU KRIS WU, vote KRIS WU please!

  • Jennie Fan - 2 months ago


  • Meygeni - 2 months ago

    Kris Wu Kris Wu Kris Wu~
    Kris Wu conquers the world ;)

  • Nadia Selv - 2 months ago

    Billie are the Avocados ????

  • Je nie - 3 months ago


  • J - 3 months ago

    bish that's what you get when all you do is complaining. if you want your fav to win then vote. duh.

  • EXOL ♥♥♥ - 3 months ago

    Ok if u don't know him just go and listen to his songs I promise you'll be his fan
    I recommend the song "NOVEMBER RAIN by KRISWU" it's a sad rap song, it's 2018 song
    And don't forget to listen to "JULY" it's an amazing song I swear
    About him.. He's a rapper and past memer of a korean-Chinese kpop boy band debuted in 2012
    He's an amazing singer I swear you'll LOVE HIM

  • Truc Nhi - 3 months ago

    Kris I LOVE YOU
    vote for Kris

  • cris - 3 months ago

    ♡♡♡ voteeees hart u :)

  • Jub - 3 months ago

    Let's go avocados

  • BANGTANSONYONDAN - 3 months ago

    Really that bogus I love Jennie but she’s not even a solo artist she’s in a group she did a solo song there’s a difference

  • Leloo - 3 months ago

    Jennis is not a new artist... she's not even an artist, she's an idol
    Not fair

  • cris - 3 months ago


  • Ugh - 3 months ago

    Duh y'all Billie Stan complain why Jennie got many votes like she don't deserve it. You're idol can't win because you're all lazy, jealous and pathethic.

  • BLINK - 3 months ago

    Jennie deput as soloist at the end of last year.

  • Stay Pressed - 3 months ago

    Vamos blink voten por jennie no importa los malos comentarios sigamos votando ????????

  • Yess - 3 months ago

    Dude, Jennie is not even a new artist

  • Ms. Kim jennie queen - 3 months ago

    Keep voting blinks for our queen ms. Kim jennie

  • Ivana Lalusic - 3 months ago

    Guys come on, if you were a true fan of billies you would know that she wouldn’t want us to bash other artists to make her look better. If Jennie gets the vote then good for her, I think Billie deserves the vote more but she’s 17 there are many more awards to come in the future. Just love your idol, be mature.

  • Schunk - 3 months ago

    Miss Jennie Kim ❤❤

  • love u so much - 3 months ago

    great job J♡♡♡ keep it up :)

  • J - 3 months ago

    J is kim.jennie♡

  • 123 - 3 months ago


  • Jennie is a bitch - 3 months ago

    Jennie is a performer not an artist, an artis is someone that creats the lyrics, the sound and put her or him voice but jennie Just sing, so she dont de ser es that and if she win that would be a fraud

  • J - 3 months ago


  • J - 3 months ago

    anyway, stream solo

  • J - 3 months ago

    go jennie go! ❤️

  • J - 3 months ago

    @Tsetan don't ever use the word "blink" as an excuse to hate on jennie. you're a blonk. you don't deserve to be called blink. so be gone, blonk.

  • love u so so much - 3 months ago

    Fighting for Ms jennie♡♡♡

  • Fight for jennie - 3 months ago

    Keep voting blinks i really love this fandom so much dont give up because that word "give up" dont exist in blinks dictionary right?

  • love u so so much - 3 months ago

    keep voting for you ♡♡♡

  • Schunk - 3 months ago

    No you aren't a Blink.

  • Tsetan - 3 months ago

    i am a blink but i don’t like jennie so my vote is going for billie

  • love u so much - 3 months ago

    we didnt fighting we love each other hahaha

  • J - 3 months ago

    can't y'all just vote your fave without fighting? smh.

  • J - 3 months ago


  • Blinks and Avocados stop fighting - 3 months ago

    Y’all Jennie just posted on Instagram a picture of her and Billie hugging and putting a big smile on their faces. Like they both are friends and love each other. So let’s all stop fighting and support these 2 queens. TBH they both are showing what women are made of in the music industry.

  • FoJ - 3 months ago

    No one is trash except who always saying like that :))) poor Jennie and Billie. Both get trash fans :))

  • FoJ - 3 months ago

    Dumb haters. Stop saying Jennie can't sing or anything else. Just looking how useless u are :)) going on vote for Billie as u think she deserves it. If Billie miss this Award just because u guys are lazy useless and jealous :)))

  • Billie Is A Big Trash - 3 months ago

    Jennie is going to win

  • :) - 3 months ago


  • Bille Queen - 3 months ago

    Ok but like who’s Jennie or however you spell it???? Never heard of her.

  • Jennie is Queen period - 3 months ago


  • love u so much - 3 months ago

    we dont need to say that baby :)

  • Billie Trash - 3 months ago

    Jennue you deserves it

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