What do you think of the changes to the 2020 schedule?

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Posted 4 months.


  • Dave Hoier - 3 weeks ago

    Every week, if you ask me take it or leave it, it’s becoming increasingly leave it. I don’t even care anymore if I forget to record a race.

  • Bob - 3 weeks ago

    Not surprised with the schedule changes. Why Not ???-They keep changing the rules every race, so why
    not the race schedule,too.
    Do I like it??--LOUD & NASTY NOOOOO !!!!!
    I've been a fan almost since I was born ( I'm 67) and I gotta say--"It ain't the same anymore".
    Boredom and constant rule changes are causing this long time fan to say--"Color me gone"
    Personally, to me--all professional sports have gone from exciting to total boredom.

  • Brian Sterritt - 3 months ago

    I like the move of the Atlanta spring race to after the west coast swing. Don't like the season ending in Phoenix. The rest of the changes should be good, wait and see if they are.

  • tom baumstark - 3 months ago

    The only thing I do not like is moving the Daytona July date

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