Will Rey make Sharon happy?


  • Phyllis - 5 years ago

    I like what’s going on with Victor and Nicki. I think it’s sweet. Please give Paul better story lines. Maybe something that would have to do with his personal life and not always this angry frustrated cop where everyone else solves his cases. He deserves better than that. What ever happened to his daughter? I think her name is Heather. Could she come back and interact with Paul or did someone kill her off?

  • Tisa - 5 years ago

    I know it's a Soap Opera and it lives for drama, scandal etc. It is time for the right people to get together for once. I like Phyllis..she is into everything so to speak and I love her strength and don't give a shit attitude. Abby definitely needs a life and stop falling for all the wrong men. Lola had issues with everything Kyle was doing in their relationship. Getting mad over presents he bought and dates he planned, come on already. He probably is better off with Summer. I'm sad though that Arturo is leaving but that's how it goes. Mia is a mess but she does make things interesting. I like Kerry but she never looked good with Jack and she has turned out to be a conniving you know what. lol Nick is better with Sharon. Billy and Victoria..yes..I hope his leaves his past nonsense behind him so he can move forward. I hate when Christine pops up honestly with her attitude and acts like her shit don't stink ???? and then there's Paul..he's coming back but he is boring and if he doesn't get more of a story line they should just write him off as well. Victor will be leaving the show to and it sucks. Tessa and Mariah..hmm..we'll see I guess..well I've said enough..????

  • Patricia - 5 years ago

    Please put Sharon and Nick back together and Cane and Lily and Billy and Victoria I love ❤️ this three couples that’s way I keep watching the show waiting on the big comeback

  • Donna Miller - 5 years ago

    Please don't pair Rey and Sharon together. It has to be Nick and Sharon. Make them the couple that remarries and stays together from now on so these poor children of theirs don't end up as serial killers because mom and dad messed them up so much! I can't stand Phyllis taking Jack, Billy, Nick and so on.....it is sick. She is disgusting how she settles in to each relationship like no one else matters. Bring Daniel her son back and make him make her accountable for her actions. I don't know I am just tired of her. Maybe kick her off the show :)

  • Patricia - 5 years ago

    Plain and simple please do not put Rey with Sharon, put her back with Nick and call it a wrap!!!

  • Joyce Carr - 5 years ago

    Can’t someone on that show be a happy couple for once

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