Should ride-hail drivers require commercial driver's licences?

  • Paramjit Kang - 1 year ago

    Class 4 Licence have to for customers safety

  • Paramjit Kang - 1 year ago

    First is customer safety

  • Damaris - 1 year ago

    Absolutely, we need to ensure that these people are careful with our children and loved ones. They must put in the work to obtain the privilege to have this type of job.

  • Raj - 1 year ago

    If anyone break the law there are concioncious
    Such as jail or criminal record.

  • Raj - 1 year ago

    No I don't think it's required.

  • Nirmal Singh Mehroke - 1 year ago

    Public safety is very important. That is why the taxi industry require properiate vehicle insurance including clas 4 driver licence. Uber is public service and and should be treated as such.

  • Stacy - 1 year ago

    Class 5 licences all the way. Class 4 is nothing more than a guise of safety. Lyft and Uber already have safety features in their apps. You would know this if you've ever taken one.

  • A. Etemadi - 1 year ago

    Uber is same as Taxi , for saftey of people uber driver must have class 4 plus criminal record. Minister is absolutly right .

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    Class 4 with safety course cause we don’t want another Humboldt tragedy again anywhere in Canada

  • C. Sahlezghi - 1 year ago

    The minister is absolutely right. It must be a must. I wonder if members of the mass-media ever attempted to see the statistics on how much crime had been committed by uber drivers so far.

  • Bos - 1 year ago

    We do not another Humboldt tragedy.. all those who who don't wAnt uber to have class 4 dl , go and have a heart surgery be a rookie doctor or a janitor or a dog walker etc.. all those who want uber, go ahead and send your kids to school alone with rapists, users, drunks, who have not had a back ground check on them..

    Listen you simpletons, rules are in place for a reason, I'm all for mending laws but for betterment of society..

  • Marjan - 1 year ago

    For the citizen’s safety they must have s class 4. Criminal record check is a must!

  • Kulwant - 1 year ago

    Class 4 is imparative. The medical test of the driver, pre-inspection of the vehicle and a more stringent written as well as driving test to ensure a safe ride for passengers and the public on the road.

  • Kam - 1 year ago

    They must have class 4 and criminal record check.

  • Larry - 1 year ago

    Ride hailing drivers need a class 4 licence. Part of the training is safety and this is necessary to ensure a safe ride. Cutting corners will not work. You will attract the worst drivers and that is not acceptable . Lets get it right.

  • Sarabjot - 1 year ago

    Taxi host level one and two customer service safe driving test knowledge test they should go through all and of course 900 per month insurance what ever regular taxi drivers gone through why double standard because Uber owner is rich

  • Ben Glefant - 1 year ago

    Insurance is critical. I will not use a rideshare in other cities because of its lack.
    Last year a Globe article by Marcus Gee alluded to the death of a ( childhood best friend) passenger due to inexperience of a rideshare driver.

  • Alex - 1 year ago

    if you drive for money, you need a license and insurance to match.

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    Look how many lunatic drivers manage to obtain their Class 5 licenses. The evidence is around us everywhere. The requirement for a Class 4 professional license may promote professionalism over lunacy if they have something important to lose.... I support the call for Class 4 licensing ...

  • William Wells - 1 year ago

    'Ride sharing' is a taxi company with a better app, and should be regulated accordingly.

  • Jeff - 1 year ago

    Taxi drivers have a class 4, and are by far, the most dangerous drivers on the road. At least Uber and Lyft have a rating section for their drivers.
    If you call and complain about a cab driver, you don’t even get your call returned.

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