Are bare arms unprofessional?

  • se - 1 year ago

    "Do we look unprofessional to you?" Yes, some of you do! I am a woman and I'm sick of this being made into a gender issue or something about inclusion. What's next, men in Beater Shirts? I don't care if anyone's arms are bare, but no matter who, at work, I just don't want to see cleavage, see-through to anything, armpits, bra bits...whether M or F or They. We keep throwing out the baby with the bathwater: one step in consciousness forward, three steps backward as we take new thinking to ridiculous extremes and use it to excuse all kinds of irrelevant and often inappropriate behaviour.

  • Eric Smith - 1 year ago

    So many people are turning this into a gender issue when it's more about professionalism and a long established dress code. I'm sure if the speaker of the house or any other male member showed in a short sleeved or sleeveless shirt, it would be viewed as unprofessional. So why should it be viewed any differently if it's a woman in a sleeveless garment? That's basically saying the women deserve special privilege. If the situation were reversed and there were concessions being made specifically for male members, people would have the pitchforks and torches out.

  • Brian - 1 year ago

    Stan , go back to Walmart and get a brain refund you idiot ! And read people’s comments before you resort to making brainless sick comments .

  • ella - 1 year ago

    let's put a burka on , and solve the problem

  • Andrea - 1 year ago

    I personally don't think they are unprofessional.. But I am not the one that made the dress code. I have a tattoo on my arm, I have been asked to cover it when I worked at past jobs. You know what I did.. I covered the tattoo. Dress codes are dictated by the employer, not the employer. If you don't like the dress code, don't work there.

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    Women’s arms don’t turn me on, are you kidding? So I don’t care if they’re bare. Sleeve tattoos should probably be covered up, though....

  • Jude - 1 year ago

    These women don’t look unprofessional. They just aren’t wearing suits. There is a broad range of professional women’s clothing. And some are (oh the horror!) sleeveless. Men have chosen to wear the same uniform - shirts, suits and ties for decades. That’s their choice.
    Why is the default - women should dress as men do? And why are professionally clothed women being told what to wear?

  • Stan - 1 year ago

    You're a straight-up primitive human being if an exposed arm turns you on lol. Like a literal Australopithecus. Brian and Mike: stop dragging men down with your intellectual deficiencies. "Oooh an exposed shoulder, instant hard-on!" smh.

    And yes, men should be allowed to wear whatever they like too. Get over your puritanical BS.

  • Stan - 1 year ago

    @Brian and Mike: from one guy to another: get ahold of your urges you cavemen

  • Christine - 1 year ago

    Mike - I don’t see why a sleeveless top is an invitation to sexual harassment. Perhaps men should be examining and challenging their own assumptions regarding their reactions to women’s bodies, as opposed to blaming women?

  • Brian - 1 year ago

    It seems lately that a woman can wear very revealing clothing in various professions however if you’re a guy caught staring at the cleavage you’re a pig and could possibly be charged with sexual harassment !

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Women wearing no sleeves is just another sexual harassment waiting to happen dont allow it .

  • Rick - 1 year ago

    If men aren’t allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless tops, women shouldn’t be allowed to either.

  • Dan - 1 year ago

    Could you imagine if men had the attire freedom that women already enjoy and expressed it in a professional setting? I don't need to see men's hair armpits in the legislature if they also decide they want to go sleeveless.
    Also, not a very strong poll if you can refresh and vote over and over. Strange way to ask the question should have been' Are bare arms professional?' yes or no....but we see what you did there.

  • Pam - 1 year ago

    A male in a sleeveless top or shirt, is just as unprofessional as a female in a sleeveless top or blouse.

  • Brian - 1 year ago

    If a man wore bare arms would you think he was unprofessional? I think the answer is yes so it should be applied equally.

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