How would you grade the Braves' offseason?

  • Richard - 3 years ago

    Braves front office sounds a lot like Trump, everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie. They said they traded Kemp and took on all the money from the Dodgers, then released most of the players, was so they could clear the books and spend the money this past winter. Donaldson, McCann and Markakis was good signings. Where did the other 20 to 50 million go? Kimbrel is needed for this team. He would move the grade from a D to an A.

  • Richard - 3 years ago

    This makes the trade to the Dodgers look even dumber. The reason they give for that trade, was to open up some money to spend this winter. You heard they was going to have anywhere from 50-80 million. Why didn't they spend it? Need to go out and get Kimbrel.

  • Bugs bunny - 3 years ago

    I stuck a carrot up my butt

  • AA - 3 years ago

    I and your FO have failed your fan-base miserably and should be held accountable. We won the division and and are now a laughable organization all within 8 months. I expect you to not come to the games and not give us your hard earned money until we prove as an organization that we are committed to building and fielding a winner capable of winning the WS. Sorry we've been robbing you since the end of last season.

  • Rockstar - 3 years ago

    The Donaldson signing was an A+ type of move. I believe he's going to have a tremendous bounce back year in an Atlanta uniform.

    Bringing back McCann seems fine, and beats giving up the type of assets that Philadelphia did for Realmuto. I've read the ask was Pache and Riley, PLUS a pitcher, which is ridiculous. As good as Realmuto is, he ain't worth that. So a "C" type of move there.

    Everything else the Braves did has to get an F though. How do you not upgrade RF, or bring in help for the pen? Terrible.

    I generously gave them a C overall.

  • Bob butterman - 3 years ago

    The toilet paper was so thin I literally got poop on my fingers.

  • Constance Marse - 3 years ago

    C+ at best. There are many “ifs” on the path to a successful season. The Braves may get another magical season if they fire on all cylinders. Probability is unlikely, however pundits should not discount the value of bringing B-Mac home, not only as a fan favorite, but also for his experience behind the plate to help guide the young pitching staff. Their biggest issues: pitching consistency, bullpen walks, too much reliance on the bullpen because of elevated starter pitch counts after five innings.

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