Do you worry about your card being declined even when you have the money?


  • T.Smoke - 5 years ago

    LISTEN!! When I tell y’all that random thought about paying for car repairs spoke to my entire soul…MAN!! I too, would have to negotiate when I had a “luxury” vehicle on what repairs I could do when a light cut on. It got so bad I almost thought to just cover up all those dashboard lights just so I wouldn’t see them whenever they came on! I would be ready to fight the mechanic when they would come tell me the ESTIMATED cost for that damn car!! I would look at them, like who TF you think you talking to? Do your trees have money growing off of them or what?! I couldn’t have been happier when that car died out on me, I MAY have exaggerated a little bit in telling my insurance company that there was smoke coming out of the hood, but who are any of us to judge? Now I’m driving a magnificent Nissan and whenever I go into the dealership for service, I am more than happy to let them provide all the services. Hell, when you go from paying $1800/repair to $500-$700, I almost want to pay in advance LOL! Y’all have a great one, love you both!

  • Sugahbabe - 5 years ago

    I’m with Alicia! I check my phone app obsessively especially before major purchases even when I KNOW I got it. I think we suffer from CCD PTSD. Credit card declined PTSD.
    Anyway, I’m.blaming Rod for this: would you believe that My goddamn card said declined WHILE I was listening to this podcast for $30 at staples?! I chuckled (dude must have thought I was crazy) and reached for my other card and kept it moving. I was just thankful that I knew I had enough funds and I wasn’t living on the edge. Cause those days were stressful! Not that life couldn’t life again, but I’m trying to have fewer CCD PTSD days.

  • Alicia - 5 years ago

    I'm so bad that I have to check my account balance in the app on my phone in line to avoid stressing out even though I just checked it before I left the house!!!

    I literally hold my breath until the transaction is approved.

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