Should Kyle leave Summer?


  • Tammy - 5 years ago

    Summer is the worst kind of woman. Get rid of her!

  • Missy, - 5 years ago

    break up Kyle & Lola love Kyle Summer all the way & carry Kyle's baby. go Kummer

  • Dani - 5 years ago

    Please don't keep them together. I really don't like them as a couple. I walk put the room when it cuts to them. I am team Lola.

  • Grannyof3 - 5 years ago

    No, Please get rid of Summer, I thought she was leaving the show, didn't miss her while she was gone to work for her Grandpa. Lett he leave for good. Don't care for her at all Never have,

  • Missy, - 5 years ago

    bye Lola

  • Missy, - 5 years ago

    keep Kyle w Summer love her carry Kyle's baby, go

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