Are you an Ashley fan?

  • Grannyof3 - 2 years ago

    Send Ashley back to her new company, she left Gc for, Give Tracy a bigger role and let Jack & Billy get Jabot back in business. Let them find a legal document that John Abbott left for Jack &Billy to run it together. Maybe Adam coming back will help Jack get the company going. Jack and Adam was friends.

  • Wanda Halsted - 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness * I love Eileen Davidson with all my heart , she ages well & she is a wonderful actress . So glad she will be returning to Y & R when she can fit the time into her busy schedule.
    Thank you (Ashley Abbott) for being such a classy lady & even through Y & R hard times. love to you & family & all who know you..???????? The Jay family in Fl.

  • Phyllis Johnson - 2 years ago

    Mary I like Ashley, because men are like this. They don't think a woman can run a company or a country. If a woman can have babies and run the home and multi-task. Then they are very capable of running a corporation or a country. I get it running a country or a corporation is different, but all about multi-tasking and they do it everyday. Men are not capable of that. So yes I am team Ashley not Jack. Jack is your classic spoil privilege. He thinks his father did this all for him.

  • Mary - 2 years ago

    Tired of the same old story line from Ashley. She needs to grow up and not destroy their father's legacy. Remove her from the soap. Let Ashley go I'm really tired of looking at her. She is not a good story line. Bring Autro back.

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