Do you support offering free menstrual products at city facilities?

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  • Meg - 8 months ago

    Jo Keitel- It is unfortunate that you are in fact allowed an opinion as an individual however off side and insensitive it is. My opinion is- the day that you sprout all the needed womanly parts associated with menstruation, feel the pain of cramps, the sore tender breast, the aching back, the need to plan ahead to have sanitary products on hand at all times (granted you are fortunate enough not to have to choose to provide food for your children or purchasing pads/tampons), the mood swings, cravings, bloating and experience the sole reason us women folk have this "slap in the face" reason for the possibility of this extremely sexist thing (child birth)... are you allowed to give your very intuitive reasoning why this would be a waste of money.

    Or, on the other side- as a tax payer myself, if you ever start to bleed from your genitals for 5-7 days let me know, I would happily start supplying you with tampons.

    Sincerely- every woman in the world.

    PS- I donate pads and tampons to the woman shelter for this sole reason. Even though I can supply my own- i know that not everyone in the city can or has the resources to and all woman who have been caught off guard by our monthly visitor would agree that having these items readily available to us would be a wonderful idea when the other option is to stuff your pants with toilet paper or have a leak through.

  • Christopher - 8 months ago

    This idea is nothing new ..the concept of supplying free sanitary products for women started in Scotland years ago. And Most ,European schools will provide this service e free to girls/ women from the age of 12 to 18. Canada as usually is behind again .

  • Jeffy D - 8 months ago

    Holy sh!t Jo Keitel what a selfish, entitled reaction to something so simple. "Incredible waste of taxpayer money" when there isn't a cost estimate available (which shows how inept our council is, not that the plan is wrong) - the difference between our need for jock straps and condoms and women that need tampons is that you don't need to play hockey or have sex (though I'd be amazed if any woman would touch a pathetic troll like you), menstruation is not something they choose or can stop - it happens. By your logic I shouldn't have to pay for the toilet paper in public buildings because I "am not responsible" for you spewing shit (and being completely full of it). You truly are a pathetic waste of skin and flesh.

  • Jo Keitel - 8 months ago

    What an extremely sexist thing to do. There is no basis in logic to even consider this. Not only is it an incredible waste of taxpayer money, but it's a slap in the face to men everywhere. Men are not responsible for women having periods and should not be forced to pay for women's consumption of menstrual products. Furthermore, men need jock-straps, especially at city facilities, so is the city going to offer and pay for jock straps and cups for all men? Or provide and pay for condoms so that men can try to prevent getting STDs from women or being forced into fatherhood? Not likely. Female chauvinism has truly gone too far. This craziness has to stop.

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