Regarding the use of after-market LED headlights:

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  • Jim Rioux - 8 months ago

    LED headlights are fine LED light bars is another matter. If you hook up the light bar to your high beams so that when you dim your lights to oncoming traffic you won't blind them works great. If its hooked directly to a switch and you forget to turn them off when approaching oncoming traffic you're creating a hazard on the road. Be considerate hook them to your high beams or don't put them on at all.

  • Nick - 8 months ago

    Led headlights come stock on almost all new vehicles now so get used to it.

  • Naomi - 8 months ago

    I used them before when I was delivering news papers for BDN the roads are dark enough with out no lights so I bought a LED light and put it on my truck so people can see me it's also good if you break down!

  • Amber - 8 months ago

    They should make it a law to have led lights that way no one gets butt hurt. I want to be able to see at night so thats why i ha e led lights!

  • Jody - 8 months ago

    Your right to see at night should not impede my right to see. Blinding those coming toward you doesn't make anyone safer.

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