Who do you ship? (Poll Closed)

  • Sanvers (Supergirl)
    11,418 votes

  • Clintasha (Marvel)
    6,051 votes


Poll posted 7 months ago.

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  • Amber - 6 months ago

    @Kelly no way that's right. Supercorp is the big ship in that fandom. bunch of scunners.

  • kelly - 6 months ago

    @Brienne of Tarth

    Have you seen the latest numbers for them? Are you sure the bot is gone? Maybe they used that pay site that newtmas did last year.

  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago


    They got rid of the bot I guess. At least for now.

  • MM - 6 months ago

    what the heck happened ?

  • Here a bot,there a bot - 6 months ago


  • SANVERS - 6 months ago

    hahahahahahaha what a group of crying kids HAHAHAHA YOU MADE MY DAY THANK YOUUUU

  • peta - 6 months ago

    @master. bot bot bot bot bot bot bot bot bot bot bot bot bot bot

  • magda - 6 months ago

    @ my kingdom for a bot ! well look at the results, I do not need anything more :))))
    your gripes will not change anything if the moderators have explained this many times. deal with it.

  • my kingdom for a bot ! - 6 months ago


    You have actual people voting? Well that’s a first.

  • master - 6 months ago

    @ bots need love too
    How many times will you be commenting on this topic? we are cheating yada yada it's BOOORING

  • master - 6 months ago

    @ peta yes i'm sure, ask mods. BUT WAIT MODS EXPLAINED IT SEVERAL TIMES ALREADY oh god what you do now?!?!

  • bots need love too - 6 months ago

    @Rational Nerd
    The bracket froze when clintasha were leading. Then it stayed frozen for clintasha, until sanvers had gotten a substantial lead.
    Which is identical to what happened in the previous round.

  • peta - 6 months ago

    @master. “People” voting? Are you sure it’s just people on your side? Are you really sure?

  • have you hugged your bot today? - 6 months ago

    @iRational Nerd
    People use bots because

    1. They will do anything to win.
    2. They are lazy and can’t be bothered voting hundreds of times each hour.


    3. They completely and totally suck.

  • magda - 6 months ago

    if the moderators said no one is cheating, they created an additional test to check it out, why do you repeat that we are cheating? can't deal with a lose? you can leave 100 comments about cheating, zimbio and other stuff but it will not change anything, we have more people voting than you. that's it.

  • Mags - 6 months ago

    Well this just fuckin sucks.

  • master - 6 months ago

    @ candyfloss because you can't read, I will repeat again what I wrote and I am going to vote because I do not have time to talk to people who can not think: "you will lose this poll because MUCH MORE PEOPLE vote for sanvers, deal with it. mods have already explained many times how it works" YOU UNDERSTAND? or I have to repeat several times?

  • candyfloss - 6 months ago


    Remember the time sanvers complained to zimbio that bellarke was cheating, but then had thousands of votes taken off from themselves?

    And then they said zimbio were only meant to take votes away from the “real” cheats.



  • Rational Nerd - 6 months ago

    (Also, both ships votes increased during the time I wrote my big ass comment, so frozen poll, where exactly?)

  • master - 6 months ago

    @ peta you can cry as much as you want, you will lose this poll because MUCH MORE PEOPLE vote for sanvers, deal with it. mods have already explained many times how it works. bye

  • candyfloss - 6 months ago



  • Rational Nerd - 6 months ago

    Seriously, the constant accusations of cheating are getting tiring. You have no proof that anyone is cheating, but still you keep inventing complots theories, despite having been told that there's no point on even using bots on this website. Dude, we're talking about a few hundreds of votes, a motivated person can vote about 100 times per hours, what would be the point of a bot? As we say in French, that would be like taking a bazooka to kill a fly.

    So please stop saying that we are cheating because you are losing (and you're not even voting anymore for your own fandom, I'm having doubts about how ethical that even is, so pot kettle black for you). If for some reason you're not able to vote, talk nicely to the mods to figure out why you cannot vote on your laptop or your phone or whatever. Maybe changing browsers would be enough to help, for example. But you cannot say "I cannot vote, so they must be cheating", it's a lack of common sense and rationality, and just reading that is killing my brain cells. If you have less votes, then find more people to help you support your ship (or, well, the ship against the ship you previously lost against). If you're losing, that's just because you have less people voting.

    Anyway, last thing, people, chill, it's a just a fandom poll, it's supposed to be fun, for fandoms and for mods, stop the useless toxicity. Stays rational.

  • peta - 6 months ago

    @master. Is this like you accusing bellarke of rampant cheating on that zimbio poll but you were the ones who had 25000 votes removed because of your cheating? Poor things. You get so easily confused.

  • master - 6 months ago

    @ candyfloss no need to believe me, zimbio was about voted for your ship (the fight between Bellarke and Clexa in which we were entangled), not block someone else because it's IMPOSSIBLE, if there is a bot that blocks others, I will be happy to know how it works. let's be honest, there are a lot more people on our side than yours who vote and you can not lose with a CLASS, you know what that's means? i'm sure not because you don't want to shut up about how you are HURT because some poll. GET A LIFE

  • candyfloss - 6 months ago


    We’re cheating but just doing it that badly? Sure, sweetie. Just like zimbio did you wrong last year when they took away THOUSANDS of your “legitimate” votes?

    Sure. We believe you.

  • master - 6 months ago

    @ peta I'M SO SORRY that you can't vote because you are cheating and the system blocks your votes, it is so UNFAIR ;((((((

  • peta - 6 months ago

    This happened to us in the last round.

    We got frozen out until sanvers had a big enough lead, then we could vote again (sometimes). Too late for us to catch up.

    Sorry clintasha, history repeats.

  • master - 6 months ago

    it's SOOOO funny how you still complain oH itS FrOZen Oh It'S UnFRoZEN LetS VoTe when everyone else can vote for every ship they wants, clintasha too. maybe you are cheating, that's why the system blocks your votes when everyone else can still vote.
    no one complains, only you, in the previous round as well as in this one. conspiracy of mankind, the magic things are happening IN FRONT ON OUR EYES BUHAHAHA

  • candyfloss - 6 months ago


  • firebugs - 6 months ago

    Come on!! Let’s get clintasha into the next round!

  • deb - 6 months ago

    I told you we should have gotten in early

  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago


    Why would we send death threats to the mods? They weren’t responsible for sanvers cheating.

    Nice try at deflection though.

  • Oathkeeper - 6 months ago

    Hey! I think it’s unfrozen!


  • EmilieVitnux - 6 months ago

    @Brienne : honey last year sanvers get caught between a clexa/bellarke war.
    Did clexa cheat to try to get ride of bellarke? Yeah probably.
    Did we asked for it? No.
    Did they send dead treath to Zimbio? I don't know.
    Did you guys send dead treath to the mods of this bracket because brime lost last round? Yeah because they say it.
    Are you talking about something that has nothing to do with this poll because you apparently have a lot of anger in you? Yeah totally.

  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago


    That was last year that sanvers,clexa and others were caught cheating on zimbio. You were all quick to complain about how unfair that was. Which was hilarious. I think zimbio came up with that rule this year, so that certain ships didn’t take part. Might have also been those death threats sent to zimbio, after certain ships were caught cheating.

  • EmilieVitnux - 6 months ago

    @Aww coffee : I don't know pal. I think it's weird you're the only one having problem and it's weird it's always the same people complaining.

    Anyone who's not hysterical can understand that even if one part is using bots, it can't block the other part to vote. At worst it's gonna froze the whole braket, not just one ship. I mean come on, let's be logical here.

    So i don't know if it's because someone from your side tried to cheat and fail, but yeah it's fishy.

  • aww coffee - 6 months ago


    You think the ones losing are the ones cheating?

    Wow. We must suck at cheating then.

  • EmilieVitnux - 6 months ago

    @Brianne : Sanvers and Clexa couldn't be nominated in the Zimbio poll this year because of a rules saying both part of a ship had to be in the show in 2018.

    I mean... Why are you even taking about Zimbio exactly? You seem weird and incoherent. Stay calm honey, it's just a poll, to need to get angry like that :)

  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago


    Didn’t sanvers and clexa accuse bellarke of cheating zimbio last year? Only for like 20000 votes each taken off YOUR ships?

    Forgot your bot this year?

  • EmilieVitnux - 6 months ago

    @aww coffee : Yes, i'm also a Sanvers fan and i also can vote for Clinstasha. I voted like 10 times for you guys without any problem. Just like I could vote for Braime in the previous bracket.

    Weird that you're the ones getting blocked. Are you sure you're not trying to cheat and that's why you're all geting block? 'cause it's fishy, it's always the same people complaining. So weird.

  • aww coffee - 6 months ago


    Then someone must have turned their bot off so they could

    Because I still can’t.

    Anyone else?

  • K - 6 months ago

    but me as sanvers shipper can vote your yours? i just did and it was counted

  • red on my ledger - 6 months ago

    Oh for fucks sake.

    This is ridiculous.

    Still can’t vote. I only voted four times!

    Man, I hope Stucky crushes em.

  • K - 6 months ago

    the zimbio poll ??? first of we were not even in it this year and last year someone else was cheating thats why we lost
    its just our group that woke up cause we mainly live in europe , not rocket science

  • EmilieVitnux - 6 months ago

    @Brianna of Garth : I guess it's easier for you to think we're cheating than accepting we just outnumber you :)

    Whatever. Complain to the mods if you want, they're gonna tell you the Same thing : it's not our fault if you're bloked and there is no bot involved.

    Good luck anyway :)

  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago


    Sure Jan

    You can do all sorts of things with bots and macros these days. This happened on Zimbio too. Guess someone is using that same “method”.

  • sweet cheeses!! - 6 months ago

    yep, still frozen.

    but look at sanvers vote continue going up.

  • EmilieVitnux - 6 months ago

    @Brienne of Tarth : Just think about what you are sying. How on Earth, could we stop YOU from voting for someone? IF we were cheating, the system would block US or both of ship, but not just YOU. Just think about it, it's simple logic.

    Also, for us getting vote, please, once again, just think about it :
    Le'ts say that just 10 people are voting (it's not true, we're a GC of 40 peoples all over the world voting, but let's pretend there is only 10 people voting) :
    10 people voting, who can vote 25 times in a row : 10*25 = 250 votes

    All this people have at least 2 devices (1 phone and 1 computer) and vote on both : 250*2 = 500 votes.

    Le'ts say that they vote 6 times in an hour (5 min to vote, 5 min frozen): 500 * 6 = 3000 votes.

    We can generate 3000 votes in an hour. Simple math, we're not cheating, we just outnumber you. It's not that deep.

    As for why you're getting frozen, I think it's fishy. If the system think you guys are cheating, it's not our fault.

  • hawks and handsaws - 6 months ago

    This is why we can’t have nice things

  • aww coffee - 6 months ago


  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago


    The Marrish bracket is working fine. But this one has seen the clintasha vote frozen for a couple of hours. And yet you guys can “mysteriously “ still vote.

    Nobbled another one,huh?

  • K - 6 months ago

    why you even care braimie shipper you are out ? sanvers fans just woke up and are voting so stop accusing us for s*it

  • Lia - 6 months ago

    What? Is that why the clintasha vote has stalled? :(

  • EmilieVitnux - 6 months ago

    @Brienne of Tarth : 1. It happened in other bracket, pay attention to the comments.

    2. It only happen to YOU, we can still vote for both ship. So funny that YOU are the ones having problem. Me think maybe you're the one cheating and the system keep bloking you for a good reasons :)

  • the pack survives - 6 months ago

    oh here we go again

  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago


    This has happened twice. And both times it was the bracket with Sanvers.

    Just some weird coincidence, right?

  • master - 6 months ago

    stop embarrassing yourself, can't lose with the class and you accuse everyone of cheating when the moderators have explained this several times. get a life

  • deb - 6 months ago


  • long tall sally - 6 months ago

    So, the bracket froze when clintasha were leading...but only for clintasha voters?

    And now Sanvers has ”miraculously “ taken the lead

    Yeah, right.

  • dd - 6 months ago

    Why is this still happening?

  • Brienne of Tarth - 6 months ago

    Wow. Up to your old tricks again? Well, it got you all through the last round I guess.