Hospital software vendor employees: how are business conditions now compared to two years ago? (Poll Closed)

  • About the same
    49 votes

  • Worse
    82 votes

  • Better
    20 votes



  • Marketing Guy - 8 months ago

    I answered “about the same”, but believe that there are a number of trends at play in the overall HIT market that affect the perceptions of the business conditions. Most recognize the significant amount of provider consolidation that has taken place over a number of years and the data seems to indicate that we are seeing an impact on the purchasing of systems – more centralized decision making and system-wide adoptions lead to bigger deals, but also lengthen the sales cycle and require more customer touch points and a clear value proposition including demonstrated ROI and workflow integration. This can be challenging for some vendors, especially if they have been focusing primarily on the technology.
    This is one example, lots of other factors at play in the market!

  • Cosmos - 8 months ago

    I always enjoy these polls, thank you for running them.

    This week it's a highly subjective question. Are you asking about sales prospects, implementations, volume of work, or all of the above? Folks on the ground may interpret "business conditions" differently based on whether they are in sales, service, development, etc. Also, as the industry consolidates, I expect votes from different companies will cancel each other out as Vendor A picks up new clients from Vendor B. Please consider this when interpreting the results. Thanks!

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