Is Phyllis going too far?


  • Theresa - 5 years ago

    I would do the same thing. . . Summer needs to get with reality. . . Not just keep things going for her own selfishness. #team Kola.

  • M - 5 years ago

    Please writers put Kyle and Lola back together.

  • M - 5 years ago

    Besides Summer deserves every heartbreak. Summer does not deserve Kyle.

  • M - 5 years ago

    No Phyllis is not going too far. I am not always happy when Phyllis is meddling in people business but in this case it is justified because Summer do not care that Kyle is in love with Lola. Summer only cares about herself. Summer is selfish just like her own mother. I am happy that Phyllis is going to tear that marriage down.

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