Can Microsoft's new Edge browser beat Chrome?


  • Mark - 4 years ago

    Microsoft Edge is that popup screen in the middle of a movie your watching.
    It will have its tentacles into everything.
    Do you want to be able to remove a software like a browser, you one day do not like?
    Well in a world with microsoft, they prefer you not having that particular right. You can separate it
    from windows 10, but not so easy, use: IObit Uninstaller.
    From the beginning, the internet was intended and should be free, payed for many times over
    by those placing data on it. So, they got you, you have to pay. You should at least be able to add
    and remove browsers easily. The more in your face it is, the less you should trust it. Just saying....

  • Eugene Pekaryuk - 5 years ago

    The one of biggest advantages is, that Microsoft Edge is built in Windows. Also Microsoft will turn off many Google's features from this browser and replace them by Microsoft's ones. This can make the work of the browser really faster. Besides there is an information, that Microsoft will add their own features for smooth browsing, like it already is in Edge. So, will see.

  • Stanley M Gilbert - 5 years ago

    I have no idea which version of Microsoft Edge/Chrome people are using, the one I got SUCKS!!!! The question should be why is Microsoft trying to build Edge a piece of trash on top of Google's Chrome, why not JUST USE CHROME, Microsoft has the tendency to screw up everything it touches then abandon it. They (Microsoft) should really stop calling it EDGE, it should be pushed to the edge of the cliff and tossed over the side.

    I'm evaluating this Edge/Chrome build from Microsoft and I am not impressed. I'm guessing everything Microsoft deleted from Chrome, are the things that make Chrome superior to Edge in every way. The main thing they should have turned on first is the DARK MODE, not mention it's coming in a later development release.

    Microsoft stop calling your browser EDGE, and call it DONE. Just use Chrome, at this point, I don't see me changing from Chrome to Edge. Already clicked on things in Edge that is not working, that should be working. Chrome rocks, Edge is a ROCK!

  • john mccallsr - 5 years ago

    it works slow on my laptop,the same as google

  • John IL - 5 years ago

    Question becomes after the newness of a Edge chromium browser wears off is exactly how many Chrome users will switch to a Microsoft browser?? After all Chrome users have a deeper connection to Google typically then Microsoft. The only incentive to really switch would be your really a Microsoft person and you disliked Edge from the start but a Chrome flavored Edge might work. I am just not convinced that there is a lot of those users out there?

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