'20 Shortlist Play-In #3 - Non-MCU Heroes

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Posted 2 weeks.


  • Jake Albrecht - 4 days ago

    Logan is comic book Unforgiven, which is nice I guess but I'd rather just watch Unforgiven. Vote Deadpool!

  • Reid Ramsey - 6 days ago

    If I could somehow keep DEADPOOL, a contender for my worst of the 2010s, out of madness then I will vote for literally any movie, even one that I think is pretty good but weaponizes children the way LOGAN does.

  • Eric Hauter - 6 days ago

    Logan is the best superhero film....ever. It was my #1 movie the year it came out. I just watched it the other night and I absolutely stand by that decision. Deadpool is a hoot, but there's a reason that Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at Hugh Jackman. Pure, unbridled jealousy.

  • Chris Massa - Pittsburgh, PA - 6 days ago

    I appreciate Deadpool, but it has to be Logan. Not only is it well-made, intelligent, and filled to the brim with ideas, but it is a film that it can't have a sequel. Think about that for a moment. In these days of retreads, remakes, and reboots, here is a movie that is deliberately out of step with its predecessors and resolves in such a way that sequels are essentially off the table. In its own way, it is as original and groundbreaking a superhero movie as we've ever had, and for that reason alone, it deserves to be part of Filmspotting Madness.

  • Grant, Lexington KY - 2 weeks ago

    Out of all the superhero films I've seen (and boy, there are a lot of them), there are three that I feel stand considerably above the rest: Watchmen, The Dark Knight...and Logan. Deadpool is a fun movie, I laughed quite a bit...but Logan! Maybe it's the fact that Wolverine was always one of my favorite characters from the cartoon growing up, or that Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors and I watched him play that role for almost 20 years, but Logan was really something special. I can still hear that crunching sound as Wolverine/Logan is impaled on the log in the climactic fight scene...oh, my heart.

  • Ryan - 2 weeks ago

    Deadpool is awful. It’s the exact same movie it’s so desperately trying to make fun of. Just with curse words (*wow*) and horribly unfunny Ryan Reynolds 4th wall breaks. The only time I laughed was the opening credits when the writers poke fun at themselves. This should not be in the 64 best films of the decade. Please

  • M Alexander Harper - 2 weeks ago

    Logan is secretly a Western

  • Asher Kaye - 2 weeks ago

    Logan is a modern western in the vein of Shane and Unforgiven with reflections on aging, confronting the past and finding purpose. Take those themes with stellar acting, great pathos, thrilling action, and 15 years and multiple films of investment in the protagonists, and Logan emerges as a great movie that I suspect will stand up to both rewatch and the test of time.

  • Keenan Collett - 2 weeks ago

    UK-New Zealand-South Africa (It's complicated)

    In the absence of "The Dark Knight", it surely must be "Logan". Like Nolan's film, "Logan" defies the genre title of "superhero" and instead opts for something more considered and searing. The Deadpool-inspired chuckles fade quickly. The image of Logan, holding a shovel, unable to truly speak, stays forever.

  • Colton Butcher - 2 weeks ago

    Logan is THE best superhero movie made to date. It's genre-bending, the last hurrah for one of the best superhero performances, beautifully shot, emotionally touching, and fun as all hell. Deadpool was a huge hit and great in its own way but I will legit be upset if it wins over Logan.

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