'20 Shortlist Play-In #4 - MCU (Poll Closed)

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Poll posted 6 months ago.

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  • Marcia - 5 months ago


    If we must include an MCU movie, and to be fair, we should only include 1 as we did with the Dark Knight trilogy. Of those: Into the Spiderverse, and Black Panther are the only films that should be up for consideration. Spiderverse took some creative risks in its storytelling and Black Panther was a rich, culturally inclusive and monumental moment in film.

  • Warren - 5 months ago

    Where’s the option for “neither merits inclusion in any best-of list and both deserve to be heaved in the furnace alongside everything else Marvel has ever made”?

  • Kevin Zade - Salem, OR - 5 months ago

    After years of trying to get Bruce Banner and Hulk as a convincing screen characters "The Avengers" finally got it right. Mark Ruffalo locks in as two creations that are at odds with each other and want to destroy each other yet need each other to survive. The Hulk (my favorite superhero of all time) finally done right, and in Infinity War they take him out of the game almost completely. Therefore my vote must go to The Avengers.

  • Joe Thomas - 5 months ago

    MCU has been a huge part of cinema for the last ten years, like it or not. The Avengers movies are great, but I hope more are being considered, and it should go without saying that the only one of them nominated for best picture, Black Panther, should absolutely be included. Spike Lee himself said "I've seen it four times. And I will say, I look at the world now differently — before Black Panther and after Black Panther. That changed everything, especially for people of color."

    Also, as mentioned above, Spiderverse, Ragnarok and Civil War are all awesome and worth acknowledging.

  • Aaron Crabtree - 5 months ago

    The correct answer is Captain America: Civil War.

  • Avery Ruth - 6 months ago

    I have to go with Infinity War because, in the end, nearly every hero disappears, and that’s my kind of MCU. Sadly, I know some have to return with the release of Endgame.

  • John Ananias - Orlando, FL - 6 months ago

    THE AVENGERS is, at this point, still my favorite MCU film, a truly satisfying collision of characters that works as its own movie. INFINITY WAR is highly entertaining but basically incomplete; it's not half of a movie to the degree that, say, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING is a third of a movie, but we are talking about part one of a two-parter, so it'll be much easier to suss out after seeing ENDGAME.

  • Grant, Lexington KY - 6 months ago

    Avengers 1 was my favorite MCU film...until Infinity War came along. Infinity War just felt like the culmination of everything the MCU was building toward (not just in terms of the plot, but thematically and stylisically - shoutout to punchsplosions - as well) since the very beginning.

  • Phil H - 6 months ago

    Neither. In my opinion there are only 2 superhero movies from this decade that should get a look in:
    - Black Panther; and
    - into the Spiderverse

  • Sam from KC - 6 months ago

    I think you’re right to include an MCU movie, even if they’re not typically artistic achievements, since they’re so indicative of the decade. However, I don’t think the poll should be limited to the collective Avengers films. After all, we aren’t voting for the entire MCU series, and both Avengers and Infinity War would be totally uncompelling if the rest of the films were destroyed.

    I think a better vote would be between Winter Soldier and Ragnarok. These would represent opposite sides of the Marvel coin. Winter Soldier, one of the bleaker entries in the saga, is a critical darling and favorite among Marvel superfans. Ragnarok is arguably the most unique and charming chapter. And it would be a perfect opportunity to jump right back into the Chrises debate, but this time with the “capital-S Stakes” of the fires of Mount Doom.

  • Ryan - 6 months ago

    How about neither. Will be quite disappointed if there’s more than one marvel movie in the tourney. Boooooring. Should be Into the Spider Verse, at least that broke the mold creatively.

  • Rob Shames - 6 months ago

    Neither. If an Avengers movie must be included, let it be Captain America: Civil War, which is an Avengers movie in all but name.

  • Colton Butcher, Orlando - 6 months ago

    If we put Fellowship of the Ring up for all of Lord of the Rings, I think the MCU should be held in the same regard. Iron Man may have started it but The Avengers is the real start of the MCU in all it's muted tone glory. God, I hate I'm as excited as I am for Endgame.

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