Is Lola the right woman for Kyle?


  • Lynn - 5 years ago

    Lola met her prince charming after a hard life. She deserves this. Summer always gets what she wants, and its ti.e for Lola to get true happiness.

  • Gretelar Morris - 5 years ago

    Summer slept with Billy while Kyle was in love with her now Kyle found true love with Lola let summer go to hell don't feel for her she thus not deserve happiness

  • GEORGE billgren - 5 years ago


  • Nicole - 5 years ago

    Kyle & Lola are perfect together,Can't we have one happy non cheating couple that stays together for ever! I am about ready to stop watching all together. Kyle & Lola as a couple forever. If Rey & Sharon won't be staying together forever them don't even start that relationship.

  • Becca - 5 years ago

    I think Kyle and Lola should get back together and live happy with each other. How many times did cry baby summer have with kyle? To many in my book. It's time for Kyle to find a new love and move on. He found that in Lola. Summer needs to go.

  • Missy - 5 years ago

    no, turn down her offer go Kummer,

  • M - 5 years ago

    Yes...Lola is the right woman for Kyle. Kyle and Lola needs to get back together. Lola knows Summer played on Kyle vulnerability or guilt. Summer is just like Phyllis and they are both are excellent into manipulating people to get what they want. It is just sad that Summer is so self- centered and Summer don't even care about anyone but herself.

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