Could Kyle be happy with Summer?
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  • Missy - 2 years ago

    go Kummer all the way

  • Lorene - 2 years ago

    Kyle and Summer !He has always loved her!Lola is boring and didn't want to have sex until he married Summer.What a skank!Summer saved her life and now she wants to have sex with a married man? Stupid twit.She breezed in to town now she can breeze out and take All the family with her A lot of people was let go to make room for them! I don't like any of them period!!

  • Christie Johnson - 2 years ago

    Summer can leave the show she is useless
    Kyle and Lola are perfect together #kyla

  • Ethel Strong - 2 years ago

    I love Summer and Kyle together. Lola is to wishy washy. Everything Kyle did was wrong in her eyes. She even blamed him for being rich. I like Lola but not with Kyle. Now that Kyle is with Summer she realize she wants him now.....even sexually

  • Keri - 2 years ago

    Summer is conniving and insecure. She couldn’t give her mom one night, she should be lucky Phyllis is even speaking to her after what she did to Philly. Mom love is unconditional that’s for sure. Summer was practically hyperventilating when she couldn’t find Kyle. Don’t get me started on Kyle he has turned into weak man who can’t keep his pants on. I’m over this SL they ruined Kola for this mess. Hopefully it turns around soon. I didn’t watch the end of today’s episode because I got so annoyed, so I don’t know where they all stand and now I don’t really care.

  • Carrie Young - 2 years ago

    Dislike summer. She dose not deserve Kyle after all the stunts she pulled. Love Lola and Kyle together.

  • Becky - 2 years ago

    Kyle and Summer are so young and cute together!

  • Missy, - 2 years ago

    go kummer

  • Shirley - 2 years ago

    Kyle and Lola belong together, The love between them it’s obvious . Summer is a third wheel.

  • Debra - 2 years ago

    Please stop dragging this on put Kyle and Lola back together!!

  • Donna - 2 years ago

    Team Kyle and Lola all the way!! love love love them together.

  • Missy, - 2 years ago

    Kummer all the way

  • Missy, - 2 years ago

    go Kummer all the way

  • Mayme Roberson - 2 years ago

    Hate to see Gina go but I love the old feelings coming back but when it come to Kyle Kyle needs to be with Lola summer is a mess between Phyllis and Nick summer is a mess slept with her mother's man and she went after him with a vengeance Sono Chi needs to be

  • Gina Dimak - 2 years ago KYLE/SUMMER...please..Lola is soooooooooo????????????????????????do not break them up...I love summer, total excitement..Lola makes me yawn

  • missy - 2 years ago

    go Kummer,, all the way

  • G - 2 years ago

    I don't know why this storyline is dragging. Please put Kyle and Lola together again.

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