What Do You Think of Starlight's New Friendship School Head-Mare Role?

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Posted 2 months.


  • Hmm... - 2 months ago

    I'm kind of eh on it? I feel like the guidance counselor role fits her better. And to be honest I don't think Starlight would even WANT to run a school. That seems like more like a Twilight thing. Which is not to say that Starlight wouldn't do a good job as headmare, but it doesn't feel like HER, you know?

  • Chopsticks - 2 months ago

    I was going to say, wasn't that a temporary declaration when it was assumed the sisters were going to retire? Was it confirmed a go-ahead?

  • Scrounge - 2 months ago

    I'm not really fond of the School of Friendship concept in general.

  • Mares Fillies - 2 months ago

    Starlight Glimmer can do anything she sets her mind to, even rough sex. :^D

  • I Am Number Sic - 2 months ago

    @Anon: I’m a little confused about that initial comment. There have been 29 episodes that had a reformed Starlight in a speaking role (I’m counting two-partners as a single episode, and I’m not counting the 2 bookending episodes of Season 5). I can count 6 episodes where I believe an argument can be legitimately made that Starlight was a primary or secondary cause of a problem: To Change a Changeling, Road to Friendship, Every Little Thing She Does, All Bottled Up, No Second Prances and A Royal Problem (note: I personally do not believe that Starlight was an issue in the latter two episodes, but her actions in those episodes makes it a legitimate topic of discussion; I also feel that while Starlight made a poor decision in All Bottled Up, she wasn’t the primary cause of the troubles). What other episodes do you feel I am missing that portray her as a primary or secondary cause of a problem or inconvenience?

  • Anon - 2 months ago

    Putting aside the fact that every other episode she's in sees Starlight inconveniencing and/or endangering the lives of the people around her (making Twilight's little speech utter nonsense), I think there's a poetic irony in that Starlight not only is continuing to be a Twilight clone (despite the show itself lampshading the issue) but also in that she's effectively back where she started in S5. Not just in the cynical "Starlight hasn't actually learned anything and people keep saying she has without realizing that her actual character arc was controlling her stupidly unstable emotions despite what the show says, go watch Road to Friendship like a normal person and ignore the show tune", but also in that she's effectively the leader of indoctrinating people to a philosophy of friendship again, the difference being the philosophy and her villainous competence has been swapped for bumbling incompetence.

    Regardless of this, no I don't think this ever should have been the end goal for her. Her whole schtick was not being able to maintain friends, and now she's still in that position, with her "friends" moving on to lead Equestria and the few left around her not wanting to spend any real time with her. In an ideal world she would have moved back into her village, gone with Trixie to tour Saddle Arabia, studied with Sunburst, effectively ANY of the scenarios the show itself dreamt up in Celestial Advice, with treatment akin to Babs Seed or Gilda. Then again, an ideal world would have been one where we didn't keep hamstring Twilight's character to introduce this useless double, so we could go on for days.

    Fact remains she continues to be a passive character subservient to Twilight's whims, and this is the icing on the cake. I pray to Celestia the reality is that the Student Six take over, because they are WAY more qualified, and that her general lesser use in the Premiere is a sign of her actual place this season, but the show hasn't had a track record with being sensible when it comes to Starlight, so I'm not expecting anything different.

  • Bryce Kanyon - 2 months ago

    Well if and when the time comes that Twilight Sparkle 'officially' takes over as ruler of Equestria, with her friends' help, proves too much to balance between her duties to the kingdom and to the students, it's good to know that she would trust Starlight Glimmer to be headmare (Even though we saw her last attempt to lead a group). Still, Starlight has done so much for Twilight and has changed for the better all because of the princess. In a way, the two have often trusted each other enough to aid each other in their own endeavors and plus it would be better than having Starlight sent away to find her own place in life since she's mastered most of her lessons. It would be a major step-up from being just a 'guidance counselor' after all.

  • Medicine Cat - 2 months ago

    This seems awfully premature. The Headmare thing was predicated on Twilight's moving on, but since that's not happening anytime soon we're probably back to where we were.

  • Hearty Bulb - 2 months ago

    >>Deep Delver
    She'll be the headmare, once Twilight is the ruler of Equestria. I think this is gonna happen in the last episode of the season 9.

  • Deep Delver - 2 months ago

    I voted for "liked it", but as of episode 3 Twilight is still headmare, so it looks like it isn't going to happen.

  • Duel Monster - 2 months ago

    I don’t think she’s gonna stay as the head-mare. I think Twilight was twilighting so bad, she was scrambling all her decisions when she appointed Starlight as head-mare, but now that Twilight has time to adjust and plan her ascension to main princess of Equestria, she can figure things out to remain head-mare of her school, much like Celestia did with her school for gifted unicorns.

  • ender - 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure it was reverted when Celestia and Luna decided not to retire.

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