Should it matter that Bernie Sanders is in the one percent?

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Posted 2 months.


  • CT - 2 months ago

    Is he a liar? Yes.
    Should it matter that his platform is based on a lie? Yes.
    Is he worse than Trump? No.

    That’s about all I got for this one.

  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 2 months ago

    I don't hate Bernie. I don't hate Bernie. Seriously. I say that, but I dont know if I'm saying that to convince you or me at this point. I listen to him talk & I dont disagree. But there's something about the way he goes about it. I cant put my finger on it. And if I express that publicly, I'm told I'm wrong. Mostly by white people who like to tell me how he'd be good for my black ass in particular. And then whatever that is that I'm feeling about Bernie deepens. Maybe the thing I "don't hate" about him is his followers. In response to the poll, I think it matters because his mission statement is "fuck these rich people" without being transparent about being one. And he was overly concerned with Hillary's finances, contributing to the bullshit hellscape I currently live in. Maybe I'm just a salty snowflake lmao

  • Christopher Randolph - 2 months ago

    No, because we know where his money comes from and anyone who didn't figure that Sanders had bags is a goddamn fool. When he asked Clinton to produce receipts for her Wall Street speeches, it was in the service of transparency to demonstrate if she was beholden to Wall Street or the people. Nothing about Bernie's tax returns implies that he is beholden to corporations or bankers. Sanders and Warren are the two best choices we have. Time to wake up.

  • Tonya - 2 months ago

    Yes, because I remember when he demanded Hillary release transcripts of the speeches she gave to "Wall Street" and behaved like her having money now was bad. Also, this is just one more of a long line of things: surly attitude, wrinkled clothes, messy hair that he only gets away with because he's a straight, white guy.

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