Do you buy Bowman's claim that the province is shortchanging the city on road repairs?

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Posted 2 months.


  • Plato - 2 months ago

    Luc sounds like Jean Chretien...."coming from a guy that what to spend" talk out the front not the side tabernack

  • Luc Dupuis - 2 months ago

    coming from a guy that what to spend 11 million portage and main . Lost of respect because of it.

  • Socrates - 2 months ago

    Bowman is short changing the public on road repairs , but likely to say...look if all the NDP are going to do is encourage people to go on welfare, we are broke and cannot afford to fund the welfare program...once we stop funding the welfare program, we can redesign it for those in dire and desperate need instead of every applicant that just doesn't want to work...then the money for repairs will be available so working Winnipeggers have nice roads to drive on.

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