Should Summer leave Kyle?

  • RONETTE BRADSHAW - 2 years ago

    Kyle married Summer of his own free will. He made a commitment, knowing what that meant. Summer saved Lola's life and she repays her by trying to sleep with her husband and break up their marriage. Summer kept up her end of the deal. If Kyle loves Lola soooo much, then why didn't he tell Summer he was leaving. He obviously is not ready to do that. I think he torn right now. Lola is boring. Kyle needs more than Lola. I am just waiting for Kyle to wake up and realize that Summer not Lola is the true of his life. Lola needs to kick rocks!

  • Denisha Carter - 2 years ago


  • Tiwana Johnson - 2 years ago

    Kyle belongs with lola; if he's married to anyone should be her....they should have the happily ever after.when he wanted summer she wanted his uncle billy her moms man ewww just sick.then tells kyle billy the best she ever had..wants to be with him..until billy dropped the bomb he was just using her..then all of a sudden she wants kyle no one else please....summer have some self respect or try too anyway...WHY?? WOULD YOU WANT TO BE MARRIED TO A MAN THAT LOVES IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER WOMEN...I MEAN REALLY...KYLE SHOULD JUST LEAVE HER BREAK THINGS OFF GET AN ANNULMENT..& QUICK...HE TOLD SUMMER FROM THE BEGINNING LOLA WAS THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE; he would do anything for her.even give up his happiness to save her life....he also told summer he would die for lola...summer still chose to marry him. So it's on her....idk...who leaves who just put KYLE BACK WITH THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE LOLA.

  • Jan - 2 years ago

    Kyle is in love with lolla and summer knows this i dont kniw why she respect kyle enough and lwt him go.

  • Ms J - 2 years ago

    I don't like Summer. I don't know what the writers are doing with this story. Is Summer really now change from scheming to needy and pathetic or is she playing Kyle because at the moment he is what she thinks she wants. For me the latter would be more believable.

    Like Summer or not no one should offer marriage to someone to get them to give up body parts. This story is just sick. Lola was a good character and now the writers are making her selfish too. It wouldn't matter how much I disliked someone or how much I loved their partner I never do this if I was Lola.

    Summer should leave Kyle but shame on Kyle and Lola for doing this.

  • Vilincia - 2 years ago

    Kyle and Lola belong together. ????❤

  • Kae - 2 years ago

    People change so Summer has Kyle committed to a year so man up lol..

  • Erica L Wilson - 2 years ago

    Summer get a life Lola is gonna get her man

  • Beth - 2 years ago

    Yes she should leave him. They only reason they got married is to save Lola. Kyle would have never been with her otherwise. Summer needs to face up to the fact he don't love her and move one and quit fooling her self. I love Kyle and Lola as a couple. When they brought summer back to the show they had made her use her sexually, be a rich entitled brat that went after her mother's boyfriend, yuck. As an actress she is great. I just think they can use her character better

  • Kimmy - 2 years ago

    No she need to be with someone who loves her back. He doesn't point blank. She only wants him because he was with Lola.

  • Bev - 2 years ago

    Yes, she should leave Kyle, and have a little dignity!! Besides she didn't want him back until he was interested in Lola!! She's a self entitled spoiled rich brat!! Kyle, deserves someone that saved herself only for him!! While Summer, was giving it up to everybody, including her mother's man/Aunt Vic's, man!!

  • Missy, - 2 years ago

    no, love Kyle Lola break up love Kyle, focus on his marriage

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