Sunday’s season premier of the final season of Game of Thrones:

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Posted 2 months.


  • Al - 2 months ago

    @Plato - What does that have to do with Game of Thrones? I thought the episode was good, but obviously also stood as a "getting back up to speed" exercise. Thrones seasons almost always start out quiet and build up from there. The question right now is whether they'll be able to stick the landing. I'm predicting a Sopranos scenario - half the audience will love the ending, half won't.

  • kibel - 2 months ago

    Plato Go suck a bible, you bootlicking dinosaur.

  • Plato - 2 months ago

    Get real...this is worse than listening to rap music....little kid music trying to make young morons hate authority.... Its time to bring back traditional values and stop being so damn stupid

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