Will the National Guard bring about a substantial reduction in crime?

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  • Anthony Oropeza - 7 months ago

    Mexico is on the cusp of becoming a Failed State. Criminal elements appear to be expanding with IMPUNITY.
    The answer? Declare a war on crime! And employ a criminal speedy justice.

  • Reality - 7 months ago

    Please, the crime is only getting worse. Here where I live in Baja California Sur the Home invasions, robberies, auto and atv thefts are skyrocketing. People are meeting with local officials but they have no money or resources to fight or even investigate crimes. It’s a joke, way too much corruption and way too many criminals. It’s very sad to see, everyone is advised to lock their doors and vehicles and take preventative steps and to look out for each other... I get no warm fuzzy feeling from that advice.

  • George - 7 months ago

    Well, it's worth a shot (if you'll pardon the pun). . It just depends on the guy, what he can and will do, his ability and authority to implement, and the results. It's sadly and simply another "maybe," and we'll see.

  • Maria - 7 months ago

    Maybe only maybe If they would remain honest But this is very difficult for many people Since the cost of living is so high and the salaries low
    Some religion people talk about Jesus coming Well he has one look at The world and tells himself Forget it.

  • Juan More - 7 months ago

    ONLY when Mexico eliminates it corrupt politicians, and corruption in general, and r enforces their laws, with severe penalties, will there be a reduction in crime.

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