Should the City of Ottawa ban single-use plastic shopping bags?

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Posted 2 months.


  • Rashid Haddad - 2 months ago

    Those folks who want to ban these bags - do they ban them while drinking bottled water (plastic) after putting disposable diapers on their babies (those diapers never decompose).

  • Rashid Haddad - 2 months ago

    The bags are not single use. I use them to take food to shut-ins, I use them for trash, I use them for storage. They are not single use.

  • John - 2 months ago

    If the government is truly serious about removing single-use plastics from landfills they should force
    the manufacture to only use recycled materials to make them and collect them in our recycle bins.

  • Robert Daigneault - 2 months ago

    Until Canada uses high-efficiency incinerators to burn them because plastic bags are solid gasoline and keep the incinerator running after initial startup with natural gas and also produce electricity. The leftovers are used as aggregates mixed with asphalt to make roads so a win-win situation. Too bad too many enviro-freaks with U.S. foreign funds keep putting sticks in our bicycle wheels to prevent them from being built. One was built in Durham, Ontario and no complaints so far.

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