What would you do If you got an erection while naked in public (i.e. at a nudist beach or resort)?

  • Naked Johnny - 3 years ago

    * About MY ERECTION post . . .just NOW! I read two paragraphs and went huh. Typos --- get corrected with Spell Check --- it becomes like one has a 5th grade vocabulary. I am grinning but still an old fashion typo would make more sense -- like when I said, 2nd paragraph "Yes, we go to our tells it reads. When I mean TOWEL and spell check --- I likely left the 'W' out and Spell Check" went AHA, he means "TELL" - Oh well, do tell us more Spell Check -- let me finish reading my own little missive above ! And see what other gems it has for me/us. haha or as 'puter folks prefer LOL !!!

  • Naked Johnny - 3 years ago

    There is way to much to cover about pleasant feeling of getting a casual erection among other nudist. First off, I was raised nudist with a nudist. Dad, (after my nudist folks divorce Dad raised me nudist 24/7. We have never been into labeling ourselves, unless you want say free, open, versatile among nudist folks. I have never called myself gay but I do worship male asses and open male erections.. As does my nudist Dad.

    What I wish to respond to is our HIGHLY pleasurable -what to do about the erection" (and it cuts often enough)..is this. On a nudist beach say, erections springs up in public casually we'll go to our tells yes, and instead of letting it subside, we both enjoy humming in public with no one offended and. have no idea. Here's the erection trick. Yes, lay flat on towel, grind your elf into the sand, your ass should wave around ever so slightly (folks openly admire asses easy enough), and grind and make a circular squirm raise yourself up by elbows bit so it feels just right and continue till you squirt a full load right next to any and all nudist who may or may not be observing you. What you'll find is an incredible rush of exploding your climax in the open public as fully naked among your peers, and no one is the wiser.. But, you will consider it the best jack off feeling ever. It's sorta like when you climaxed as a kid with a nudist buddy and just ground yourselves with one on top and never touched one another piece --- which I found all boys were open to that cuz that was OK - just experimenting with ''how to climax in different ways, etc.,)
    It's just that there are other ways instead of wasting and not answering the call of the "unthinking cock" as my nudist Dad, likes to say. Once while hiking I had a hard on hiking nude and laid in the grass as though resting and covering up (in shame haha) and found the grass got me off quickly and loads of nizam exceeded. Try it yourselves. You can even be alone or with a buddy and never have to speak of it . . . it is awkward to jack it in front of others, I leave the windows open sometimes in a high rise in NYC and will be jacking furiously until I realize there are eyes on me. And it changes the thought ---"Do I look like I shouldn't be doing this>" I'll get up and pull the shades (at least 3/4's the way) haha
    Always that exhibitionists delight we all carry. C'mon -- admit that at least ! And still be you can call yourself a "nudist". As long as you enjoy living naked.Your a nudist. Not 'naturist" -- that sounds complicated and one needs to explain themselves. We never use 'that' term. Thanks for listening to my 'rant' ! haha

    Naked Johnny
    *if you want to have a more open nudist chat -- I'm game more than I would be with a public blog where I'd likely feel I would have to go lay down on my towel to cover it up !! I never proof read and there are going to be typos . . bare with this missive though . .

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