Do you support lowering speed limit to 30 km/h on Vancouver's residential streets?

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Poll posted 6 months ago.


  • Max - 5 months ago

    Too many abuse the laws. What I mean is how many drivers, myself included have driven 10 to 20 km/hr faster then MAXIMUM LEGAL speed limit? I live on a street where there is tons of schools and churches and other places of worship, so very pedestrian heavy, so I make sure I don't exceed the MAXIMUM LEGAL speed limit now, and I got to say just about all the other vehicles that I share the road with makes it look like I'm standing still. Is speeding an issue? Well it is but there are other factors to consider, like distracted driving, emotional driving e.g. road rage and of course the weather. Now factor all of those in to the equation as well as speeding and you have a potential of an accident. I think lowering the speed limit just makes everyone drive the roads the speed that was intended, of course it will still be 10 - 20 km/hr faster then the MAXIMUM LEGAL speed limit because it seems like just about everyone is too good to follow the LEGAL limits. The plus to all this, is the excessive speeding tickets that will be issued to the drivers that are stubborn and fail to observe the change in speed reduction. DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT, and if there is a failure to comply with the law then like a misbehaving child, toys with be removed and stricter rules will be implemented. SLOW DOWN, IGNORE YOUR PHONE AND FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD.

  • Mike - 5 months ago

    Love it! Plenty of evidence that supports this and it’s being done all over the world. This should be a slam dunk.

  • Jeff - 5 months ago

    Ok with lowering it on residential streets but afraid it's just a foot in the door. Coming soon to a major thoroughfare shortly after residential control . . mark my words.

    'As poster Brian says . . . The city has become overwhelmed with self entitled, spoiled , incompetent, brainless, completely stupid , dumbing down idiots that have their own set of selfish rights and rules . Do what they want , drive at whatever speed they want , drive like they want , say what they want ,all while thinking that they are the privileged and are above any law, speed limit , or basically any form of rule enforcement. However the majority of people know that they are complete self centred losers !"

    And I also am 72 years and have driven Ambulance for 35 of my 72 years living here in Vancouver. COMMON SENSE folks, Common sense . . that's what's lacking . . IMHO

  • Ian Cardin - 6 months ago

    I agree on lowering the speed limit on residential streets. The Richmond Street, Stevenson Highway, should be lowered to 40km/hr so it will be driven at 60 instead of 70 to 80 km/hr. The posted limit is 50km/hr.

  • Tv - 6 months ago

    It is important to note that this proposal is not intended to change the speed limit on major roads. It is aimed at residential streets, typically the ones that do not even have centre lines. As for the person who saw fit to challenge the post about basic physics, it is just common sense. If a car strikes someone at 30 km/h, it will do far less damage than the same car travelling at 50 km/h.

  • Thomas Carlyle - 6 months ago

    "Think of the children! Think of the children!" Oh puh-leeeeez! Stop invoking the completely false image of some imagined 'carnage on the streets of Vancouver', where children are thrust willy-nilly into the paths of speeding lunatics laughing maniacally while roaring down side-streets at warp speed, to justify lowering speed limits so that you can simply have tomb-like quiet in your neighbourhood. It is this fallacy that was part of the justification used to close Point Grey Rd to all car traffic except for the local millionaires. The "creme de la creme" and their sense of entitlement had been trying for years to get the proles blocked from Pt Grey Rd, mainly because of noise. Much of the 'Golden Mile' was paved in concrete by the City of Vancouver many years ago, which is always noisier than asphalt, and many homeowners in the area were predictably "incensed" by the interruption to their golden fantasy. They even got the city to put up 'Children at Play' traffic signs in an effort to mute the traffic, you know, the signs that show a kid chasing a ball across the road. In all my years of living in Vancouver and driving along Pt Grey Rd, I never once saw a child crossing the street, let alone one chasing a ball. UBC Prof. Henry Yu came to the same conclusion: Now the same old tired fallacy is being dragged out to justify more silly rule making. The reality is that Vancouver has about 15 pedestrian deaths per year on average, and that rate is one of the lowest in comparable sized cities, and has held fairly steady over the past decade, even though the city's population has increased markedly over the same time period. And the vast majority of those deaths occur in intersections on main road (not side streets) during low-light conditions such as in the evening, during the winter, in the rain, etc. Any pedestrian death is highly regrettable, and a tragedy for all involved, but we already have laws and rules in place that should minimize or even eliminate most pedestrian deaths, especially when those laws are followed, and especially when they are combined with common sense from both drivers and pedestrians: stop properly at stop signs, stop completely before turning right at a red light, stay off the cellphone, look both ways before you cross the street, wear bright clothing or assume you are not visible, and finally, drive for the conditions. It is already the LAW! No one in their right mind blasts down a narrow side street at night in the rain at 50 kph or faster. If they do, they're an idiot and no amount of laws will stop a minority of humans from being stupid.

  • Lee-Ann Strelzow - 6 months ago

    Speed doesn’t kill, bad drivers kill. This proposal is ridiculous. It hasn’t t lowered accident or death rates as it is’ we have some of the lowest speed limits in the world. . Why don’t people understand that. Make bad driving an offense. Enforce rules that are already on the books.- Stay out of left lanes, use signals, stop at stop signs etc. This isn’t rocket science.

  • Kyle - 6 months ago

    This won’t change the speed drivers travel at, just how many tickets will be issued.

  • Gail Meek - 6 months ago

    If the city of Vancouver can mandate the motor vehicles Branch a provincial entity to change the speed limit in Vancouver, then why can't the city of Vancouver mandate the motor vehicle branch to bring bicycles under their mandate. And adjust the regulations for bicyclists and motorists to accommodate both and to license cyclists. And Derek while I appreciate your overly emotive tear-jerking commentary. I agree with the people that answered and said that we are all responsible for our own safety whether we are driving, walking, bicycling, or standing in the middle of the world with a cell phone in our hands.

  • Brian - 6 months ago

    Derek, From one life time Vancouverite to another, congratulations win first prize for the most sensible comment, the most common sense, and being the most honest! You get it .

  • Derek - 6 months ago

    I have lived in Vancouver almost my entire life. That's 35 years! I am guilty if driving faster than I should have when I was young and never really understood or respected the speed limit until I started a family. Tell me if you can live with this situation. I'm driving along an inner road going 70 or 80 km/h because I'm busy listening to music,needing to get to work or I just have the attitude of driving fast no matter where I am. It's raining and I know I shouldn't be speeding but I don't care. I see a 2 year old child pop her head out from a car and run into the streets laughing with excitement because she got away from her mom. It's too late I slam on the brakes and hydroplane right into her instantly killing her. That day in the morning that child woke up with a big smile on her face loving life squeezing her mom with all her might as soon as she woke up knowing that she is safe and loved. She sat down ate her cereal and got dressed for daycare. As she opened the door she slipped right past her mother that was carrying her lunch bag her favourite toy, and keys to the car. She runs past the sidewalk onto that road and looks into your eyes as the last thing she sees on this planet. CAN YOU LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR ACTIONS? Please support this I would never want this to happen to your child,neice,friend, orvgrandaughter. They don't deserve this path in life. Going slower down the inner roads is a beginning to help awareness of speed.

  • Fraser - 6 months ago

    Lowering speed limits won’t make these streets safer until pedestrians pay more attention to their surroundings. Get your collective heads up and ears open when crossing streets. That means putting your phone away and turning down the volume on your ear buds. I would support a public education campaign to this end rather than slowing traffic which would be problematic to enforce effectively. Let’s educate rather than legislate.

    Another option would be to identify streets where people use them as feeders to major roadways and enforce that speed limit.

  • Brian - 6 months ago

    Having lived in Vancouver my entire 67 years I’m entitled to have my opinion. The city has become overwhelmed with self entitled, spoiled , incompetent, brainless, completely stupid , dumbing down idiots that have their own set of selfish rights and rules . Do what they want , drive at whatever speed they want , drive like they want , say what they want ,all while thinking that they are the privileged and are above any law, speed limit , or basically any form of rule enforcement. However the majority of people know that they are complete self centred losers !

  • Mike - 6 months ago

    People cant drive period lowering the speed is not the solution and for the physics guy your and idiot simple

  • Andy - 6 months ago

    Yeah. The wife and I thought it was already 30 and all of us were flouting it just like in mall parking lots

  • Nick - 6 months ago

    Some automobile drivers do not understand the physics involved. 1500 KG (Approx 3000 lbs) of steel traveling at 50Kmh instead of 30Kmh, has the potential energy (The energy of Mass vs speed) to do a lot more damage and requires a lot more 'Stopping Power' or removal/transferring of kinetic energy, via Heat (brakes), transmissions (downshifting). This 'kinetic energy' manifests into 'Hitting' power or the amount of damage the mass can do when it hits a stationary object, usually of less mass, which means more energy is transferred to the smaller object (Person), to balance the equation!

  • Peter - 6 months ago

    All residential streets in the lower mainland should have a 30/km limit !!

  • Patrick - 6 months ago

    This is a great initiative! Most people Dont realize how quickly they are travelling down a side street and braking distance required to stop safely for a child/family. There are also so many blind spots for drivers. I think if people don’t support this, they may not understand the physics of a moving vehicle.

  • Ken McNames - 6 months ago

    Fry is just looking for name recognition. Typical Liberal trying to get his name in the news paper. Next we will hear he is running for a higher office. What does he do for a "real" living...............probably feeds off the public purse.

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