What would you do if you were on the Boeing Board of Directors?

  • Stephen Lang - 2 years ago

    It's simple, Immediately move the headquarters back to Seattle and require all senior management to spend at least one month working on the lines talking and observing what is really happening. Oh! get rid of any executive that came through something like Wharton School of Business. Grounds up school works for me.

  • Andrew Jay Blackburn - 2 years ago

    Given the current situation, Boeing appears to be unresponsive to critical situations long after they should have been addressed. It is as if they are responding to short-term financial actions, orders and deliveries, rather than long-term implications of loss of life for products that must be essentially flawless. After the Lion Air incident, Boeing should have issued a more thorough and aggressive response to determine a solution a fix the problem. After the second incident, more aggressive action was taken. The reputation of the company, its products and trust with its customers and flying public has been put in jeopardy. Hopefully, they can correct this situation.

    Lastly, the fact that the aircraft had no redundancy for such an important system, the fact that certain warning items were "optional equipment", given the criticality of the information, the lack of training mandated on the operation of the MCAS, all these items appear to show the short sightedness of management decisions.

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