Which Early-Season Surprises Are For Real?

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  • Daveparkers jockstrap - 9 months ago

    I need to be changed and put in wash. It’s been a week now. Pirates will win 88.

  • Kirby Puckett - 9 months ago

    Yep...it's me Kirby. If I was alive I'd be 59 now. Being dead gives a spirit special powers. Sorry Rod but the Twins don't stand a chance in Hell.
    We are both part of a doomed franchise.

    Besides, God is an Angels fan!

  • Rod Carew - 9 months ago

    Hall of famer Rod Carew here. I am 73 years old but still know a thing or two about baseball. Twins are legit.

  • George pancakes - 9 months ago

    The Twins are making the playoffs mainly because the Indians suck cheese balls. I watched them against the Braves last night and I almost exploded poop in my underwear because they were so bad. Francona is too much of a players manager. The players walk all over him. Josh Donaldson crushed ball after ball and the pitchers in the game probably all had swollen nut sacks afterward. The Twins pitching staff is underrated and The curse of Kent Hrbec is finally over.

  • Scoby Muldoon - 9 months ago

    Mariners offense is legit- they might not continue to hit HRs at an historic pace as you say but that’s not what makes this lineup so good. The M’s finally have hitters who can work the count and take their walks. They’ve cut down on their chase (at bad pitches) rates and have taxed SP’s pitch counts forcing many SP’s out of the game before the 6th inn. If the team regresses badly it will be because of their BP. Their pen has lost them at least 3 games already. Im going w Seattle because you can add relievers and promote prospects such as Justus Sheffield, Erik swanson and Justin Dunn to your squad- which is why I think they’ll make it interesting this year. Of course, this is the Mariners so there’s also a really good chance they fail miserably. It’s usually after they’ve convinced EVERYONE that they’re for real this time!

  • Bob Butterman Jr - 9 months ago

    Just like Dad, you never know what kind of mess I will create. Exploding diarrhea "runs" in our family.

  • Bob butterman - 9 months ago

    I love stadium toilets that have the long free for all urinal systems. I accidentally dropped my keys in one of these once however and it was difficult to get the smell of urine off my keys.

  • George costanza - 9 months ago

    The Pirates will win the division. All of you can kiss my bootie if you disagree.

  • Steven courdouty - 9 months ago

    The Mariners are fading fast. They miss ichiro he could have been lead off hitter all year. Mitch Hamburger is a. Poor outfielder. They do have a very good first base coach. The culture is just ok, they offer free breakfast tacos every morning but they only offer sausage tacos and no bacon. The stadium in Seattle has very nice restrooms large enough to eat nachos inside the stall. The toilet paper is rather thin so recommend to bring your own roll of plush toilet paper. The prices for food and beverages are expensive. I brought an empty Dixie cup to the stadium last time I went to a game and I paid the vendor lady under the table 3 bucks and got beverages free the entire game. She even through in a cotton candy after my 5th refill of root beer. I think she liked me but I had my date with me. My date paid full price for everything on her own. I did pay for the gas myself to and from the stadium. I spilled cotton candy into her hair so she was not very nice.

  • Bob butterman - 9 months ago

    My nickname in high school and college was “wildcard” because you never knew when I was going to pee and/ or poop in my underpants.

  • Kyle Ogonowski Jr - 9 months ago

    Mariners are good but non of those teams are making postseason. Maybe wildcard though

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