Will Devon fall apart again?

  • Rosalinda Longoria - 2 years ago

    I dont think he will do to the fact that now he has a lady by his side i think she will helo him get threw this ordeal.

  • Shelly - 2 years ago

    I hope Devon don't fall apart again,he gonna have to stay strong for the rest of the Family.

  • Sherrie - 2 years ago

    I pray that Devon doesn't fall apart again. I'm loving how he is now and that maybe he'll be happy with Kit's caregiver. He's come so far to go back to that Devon that I dislike so much.

  • Joyce - 2 years ago

    I dont want him to break down ,I want him to b with Kits caretaker

  • Kesi - 2 years ago

    He’s come too far

  • Betty - 2 years ago

    I think Devon will not fall apart this time because he has Lilly home and Kit’s caretaker to lean on.

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