Will you miss Oscar?


  • Tony Reese - 5 years ago

    Hope they don't ... Are they going give Oscar kidney to Jordan...Hope I wrong

  • Helen Giannone - 5 years ago

    I don't know why they are killing Oscar. This role is great and I love seeing these two actors. They are excellent and deserve an Emmy award. Please don't kill his character.

  • Mjo - 5 years ago

    It's a soap opera. You know he's not going to die. But I would rather see Joss and Cameron together. A lot more chemistry between those two. Than Oscar.

  • cheryl - 5 years ago

    We look at soaps to get away from reality sad enough in real life would like happy times in soap world

  • Jodie Wright - 5 years ago

    I so hate that GH is killing off Oscar. I love seeing him and Josslyn together and seeing new love grow. I wish someone was dreaming and wake up to see that this all was a bad dream , and everything would be fine with Oscar

  • Tony Reese - 5 years ago

    Oscar's a great character ... General hospital Need to let him live...they has a chance to develop a new Quarterman ... Don't mess up on this opportunity

  • Lynn - 5 years ago

    Get it over all ready. The is nowhere near Robin and Stone. So do try to make it.

  • Magelene Kilton - 5 years ago

    Shouldn't let children and young people die off. We have enough of that in real life. You should have let him leave another way maybe go off to school.. another thing you need to give Michael his baby back. Writers are dragging storylines out to long. People are getting burned out with. General Hospital. Need to finish up with some of the old stuff before starting something else.

  • Patti Yeazell - 5 years ago

    I love the character of Oscar and will miss him a lot. General Hospital can’t there be some kind of miracle. It’s going to be a sad day ????

  • Barbara Willis - 5 years ago

    Keep On! You have a lot more storylines to work on besides this

  • NS - 5 years ago

    Why are they killing off Oscar? His character is awesome! So sad.
    Was it the young man’s wish to leave the show?

  • Cindy - 5 years ago

    Why is he being killed off???? Good character

  • Donna Sanchez - 5 years ago

    Heal his tumor and make him all better

  • Joyce - 5 years ago

    Why...does this have to happen? He has been amazing on this show...whu? Did they give him this story line...this shoe makes me sick with taking all the good ones off...the bad guys die off and come right back...crazy...

  • Tania Nieves - 5 years ago

    They are making a mistake by letting Oscar go how can you put a sixteen-year-old through this and Joseline her first love who should leave is Shiloh the storyline is boring and his attitude is like a piece of s.... why not bring back Skye Quartermaine

  • Lee - 5 years ago

    Who ever voted No - you must be deaf/dumb and blind! Seriously!

  • No Mitchell - 5 years ago

    Keep Oscar on

  • LZ - 5 years ago

    It will be sad but that's life.

  • Linda C - 5 years ago

    I agree with Teresa and.Sharon. I cant believe that GH is going through with this. Why tease the storyline that Oscars treatment was working. The Joss and Oscar storyline could have gone so much further. I do not want to see Joss with Cameron other then on a friend level. GH, you didn’t get it right this time.

  • Teresa Cox - 5 years ago

    There are so many story lines that could have been written for Oscar and joss.writers gave up to soon.not happy at all.have watched this show since 1975.

  • Sharon Jesse - 5 years ago

    I don't think they should be getting rid of Oscar. What is wrong with the writers and why are they killing off.. Everytime they get a good kid to play a part they give them and incurable disease or kill them off in a car accident. They need to keep him on as part of the show. I don't understand the point in killing him off. I just don't.

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