Will Flo lose her memory?


  • Pauline Bilicki - 5 years ago

    I'm sick of wating for Hope to find out her baby Beth is alive ,your draging it out to long and Hope will be mad at Everyone for all the time she lost with out Beth ....
    Please give her back her baby very soon. And as rich as they all are no one will need to pay anyone back!!

  • judy - 5 years ago

    no because she wants to do the right thing by doing right it makes her abetter person than Zoe and her dad

    no because she want s



  • Vilincia - 5 years ago

    Zoe needs to go down. I cannot stand her. She and Shauna are selfish. Zoe bossing Flo around and attacked her.

  • Liz - 5 years ago

    Please don’t let this happen. Please move this on and tell Hope the truth. Let Flo be good and. The Doctor go down for this.

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